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The most intriguing tasks are then sorted by various criteria (language, category, level of the task, etc)
Next, we invite project leaders and contributors to join the discussion. You can ask any questions regarding the project and discuss ideas at your leisure - making learning fast and fun.
Every day you will receive a fresh email with challenging new tasks to solve and discuss with your team.
To show you the kind of tasks you will get, here are some examples from our last email:
Project: MOZAIC (Massive Online Zeus Artificial Intelligence Competition platform)

Task: Send maps to gameservers
Project: AI from Stumbling Baby to Sentient Being

Task: Testers Wanted (Play with This!)
Project: A Linux-based Virtual Assistant in C

Task: Get sound input from users
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Project: Layer on top of TensorFlow for carrying out machine-learning on encrypted data

Task: Understand TensorFlow internals
Project: Bring Deep Learning to Small Devices

Task: Add triangular learning rate
Project: Brain Imaging Analysis Kit

Task: Move normal distribution computation to a more general module
Project: Dynamic Animation and Robotics Toolkit

Task: Add educational tutorials for fundamental control theory and numerical methods with real app examples
Project: End-to-end Simulation for Self-Driving Cars

Task to start: Enable setting graphics (resolution and other quality settings) as command line arguments or via Python
Project: Artificial Intelligence for Kinematics, Dynamics, and Optimization

Task: Implement collision-checking for Spline trajectories
Project: Open Internet of Things Framework - ThinG Wider!

Task: Make Scheduler plugin more efficient in notifying scheduled events
Project: Your Portable & Connected, ePaper Dashboard

Task: Add a PIR sensor to detect movement
Project: Tools for Building Identity, Trust and Interoperability into Connected Devices

Task: Implement Key Management
Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing
Project: A Leading-Edge Control System for Quantum Information Experiments

Task: Display working tree in file explorer
Project: A Library for Quantum Characterization, Verification, and Validation Using @rigetti's SDK, Forest

Task: Vectorize categorization of output as heavy in quantum volume
Project: C++17 Library for Writing, Manipulating, and Optimizing Quantum Circuits

Task: Function to check whether gate is reversible
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