Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Recipes List And Cookbook – A Culinary Guide To Hyrule And Beyond

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that combines action and adventure with cooking, among other things. The Tears of the Kingdom recipes are a crucial part of the game, as they help Link recover hearts and gain various buffs that help him traverse the challenging world of Hyrule. Here’s a comprehensive list of recipes to get you started.

How to Cook in Breath of the Wild

Using an Open Fire

There are two ways to cook in Breath of the Wild. The first way is to drop food items in front of an open fire. This includes campfires made using wood or the raging inferno of fields you accidentally lit. After a few seconds, the ingredients turn into a roasted variant of themselves, such as roasted meat or roasted apples. These roasted items only restore a small amount of health, and you get few, if any, benefits from the ingredients’ unique properties.

This method is the most primitive and least effective cooking method and isn’t recommended for any serious cooking endeavors.

Using a Cooking Pot

The better way to cook is using a cooking pot. These pots are scattered throughout Hyrule, and you’re guaranteed to find one at every stable. Using a cooking pot is the only way to combine ingredients and brew elixirs from monster parts and critters.

To use a cooking pot, open your inventory, and select the ingredients you want to use. You can add up to five, and how much you add may determine the effect you get. Cooking one rushroom provides a low-level speed boost that lasts for a short time. Rarer ingredients tend to offer stronger effects as well.

Any successful recipe will add itself to your recipe log, which you can check by pressing β€œA” to select an ingredient and choosing “Check Recipe.”

All Tears of the Kingdom Recipes

Here’s a list of all the Tears of the Kingdom recipes that you can cook in Breath of the Wild along with their ingredients and effects:

  • Roasted Apple: Apple (open fire) – Recover ΒΎ of a heart
  • Meat Skewer: Meat, any fruit – Recovers health. Add more for greater amount and different types of fruit for different effects (e.g., Mighty Banana for attack buff)
  • Energizing Steamed Mushroom: 1 Skyshroom, 1 Stambulb – Recovers 1 Β½ hearts and a small portion of stamina
  • Fish Skewer: Ancient Arowana – Recovers two hearts
  • Hasty Mushroom Skewer: Rushroom – Recovers 1 heart and buffs speed for 1 minute. Add more Rushrooms for a greater effect.
  • Toasted Skyshroom: 1 Skyshroom (open fire) – Recovers half a heart
  • Mushroom Skewer: Any mushroom – Recovers health. Add more for a greater effect, and different types for added buffs (e.g., Ironshroom for defense buff)
  • Meat and Mushroom Skewer: Any meat, any mushroom – Recovers health. Add more for a greater effect, and different types for added buffs (e.g., Rushroom for speed buff)
  • Steamed Mushroom: Mushroom, any herb – Basic recipe recovers health. Can take on added effects with different types of mushroom and herb
  • Sauteed Peppers: 2 peppers – Recovers health, protects against harsh cold
  • Fried Wild Greens: 2 of any herb – Recovers health. Add more herbs to recover more health
  • Crab Stir-Fry: 1 Crab, 1 Goron Spice – Recovers 2 hearts and a small amount of stamina
  • Salt-Grilled Mushroom: 1 Rock Salt, at least 1 Mushroom – Recovers 2 hearts. Can have different effects depending on the mushrooms used (e.g. Stamella Shroom will restore hearts and stamina)
  • Fragrant Mushroom Saute: 1 Goron Spice, at least 1 Mushroom – Recovers health. Can have different effects depending on the mushrooms used
  • Hearty Fried Wild Greens: Hearty Radish or any “Hearty” ingredient, any herb or flower – Gives Link extra hearts beyond his maximum capacity. Add more ingredients for more bonus hearts
  • Omelet: 1 Bird Egg – Restores health
  • Mushroom Omelet: Goat Butter, Bird Egg, Rock Salt, any veggie, herb, or flower – Restores health
  • Vegetable Curry: Pumpkin or carrot, Goron Spice, Hylian Rice – Recovers health. Boosts defense if you use pumpkin or provides extra stamina if you use carrot
  • Rice Balls: Hylian Rice – Restores health
  • Veggie Rice Balls: Hylian Rice, any herb, flower, or veggie – Restores health and provides bonus effects depending on the herb or veggie used
  • Seafood Skewer: Any crab or snail – Restores health and provides buffs depending on the seafood used
  • Fish and Mushroom Skewer: Any fish, any mushroom – Restores health and provides buffs depending on the mushroom used
  • Seafood Rice Balls: Any fish, Hylian Rice – Restores health and provides buffs depending on the fish used

Please note that you can cook anything in Breath of the Wild, but it won’t always turn out edible. The best way to get tasty meals is to experiment with different combinations of ingredients until you find what works best for you.

If you’re still getting started in your Hylian adventure, check out our Tears of the Kingdom beginner’s guide for some handy tips.


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