Xiaomi India Responds to 8-Year-Old’s Death in ‘Yet to Be Established It Was a Redmi Phone’ Smartphone Explosion

A tragic incident has led to an eight-year-old girl losing her life when a smartphone exploded. The initial cause of the explosion is said to be overheating of the battery. Xiaomi India, the manufacturer of the phone in question, has released a statement regarding the incident.

Investigation Underway

Xiaomi India has stated that they are investigating the matter and are working with authorities to establish the cause of the incident. A spokesperson for the company has emphasized that customer safety is of utmost importance to them and that they are taking the matter extremely seriously. “At Xiaomi India, customer safety is of utmost importance, and we take such matters extremely seriously,” the spokesperson said. “We stand by the family in this difficult time and hope to support them in every possible way.”

The Incident

The incident took place on a Tuesday morning when the Class 3 student was reportedly watching a video on her smartphone. The police have already registered a case and are currently investigating the incident.

Which Phone Is Involved?

There are reports that the phone in question is a Redmi phone, but Xiaomi India has yet to confirm this. The company spokesperson stated, “There are some reports which suggest that this is a Redmi phone which is yet to be set up, the matter is currently being investigated.”

Redmi Note 5 Pro Specs and Price

The Redmi Note 5 Pro is one of Xiaomi’s most popular smartphones in India. It boasts a 4,000mAh battery and is priced at approximately Rs. 13,990.

The Importance of Battery Safety

This incident highlights the importance of battery safety when it comes to smartphones. With millions of people using smartphones every day, incidents like this are rare but can have devastating consequences when they occur. Manufacturers like Xiaomi India must take responsibility not only for the quality of the batteries used in their devices but also for ensuring users are educated on proper battery use and handling.

How to Ensure Battery Safety

Here are some tips to follow to ensure your smartphone’s battery remains safe:

  • Only use the charger that came with your phone or a manufacturer-approved charging cable and wall adapter.
  • Avoid leaving your phone plugged in charging after it reaches 100%.
  • Avoid exposing your phone to high temperatures, whether by leaving it in direct sunlight, in your car on a hot day or sitting it too close to a heat source.
  • Avoid overcharging your phone by keeping an eye on the battery level.
  • If your phone starts to heat up, unplug it from the charger and turn it off.

In Conclusion

The tragic incident involving the eight-year-old girl reinforces the need for smartphone manufacturers to take battery safety seriously. While we await the outcome of the investigation, it’s crucial that we all take steps to ensure our phone’s battery remains safe and use it in a way that minimizes the risk of incidents like this occurring.


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