Xbox Series X 1TB Expansion Card On Sale For Best Price Yet

If you’re in need of more storage space for your Xbox Series X or Series S, Seagate’s officially licensed NVMe SSD expansion card is the most convenient solution. Although its retail price is quite high at $220, it is currently available at the lowest price we’ve seen since its launch. The 1TB model is now on sale for $150 at Amazon and Target.

Seagate’s 1TB NVMe SSD

Seagate’s 1TB NVMe SSD is a tiny card that can be easily inserted into a slot at the back of the Series X and Series S. It is currently the only external storage option for the new Xbox consoles that can play Xbox Series X games without transferring the files to the internal drive first. However, this is likely to change soon, as a leaked expansion card from Seagate’s competitor, Western Digital, was reported last month.

While a regular external hard drive can be used to store Xbox Series X|S games, the transfer process must be completed before they can be played on the Series X. This is why the Seagate 1TB NVMe SSD is worth considering for its convenience.

The 512GB and 2TB models

Seagate also offers 512GB and 2TB models of their NVMe SSD. The 512GB model was initially available for just $90, which was later reduced from $140, and it has since sold out. The 2TB model is currently on sale for $280, having previously been priced at $400, but this is still a considerable amount even after the cost has been reduced by more than $100.


If you want to have more storage space on your Xbox Series X or Series S, then the Seagate NVMe SSD expansion card is worth considering. Its retail price may be quite high, but you can currently purchase the 1TB model for $150 at Amazon and Target, which is the lowest price offered since it was launched. With its small size and easy to use interface, it’s the perfect solution for those who want to play Xbox Series X games without transferring them to the internal drive first.


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