Xbox Hardware Exec Aims to Bring Quick Resume Feature to Windows OS

Microsoft is exploring the possibility of bringing Xbox-style quick resume to Windows, according to reports. Xbox’s head of hardware, Roanne Soanes, focused on the potential of “quick resume” technology at an Asus ROG Ally streaming event. She speculated on the possibility of playing a game on a desktop PC and then resuming the same game from the same point on a portable device like the Ally. She noted that similar technology already exists on Xbox, so it’s merely a matter of how to bring that technology to other devices.

Quick Resume Technology Could Revolutionize Gaming on Windows

Roanne Soanes, head of Xbox hardware, has been exploring the possibility of bringing Xbox’s quick resume technology to Windows. According to Soanes, the technology could revolutionize the way desktop gamers interact with their favorite games. Quick resume allows players to instantly jump back into a game at the exact point where they left off, even if they switch devices.

Potential Benefits of Quick Resume on Windows

One of the potential benefits of quick resume on Windows is that it would allow gamers to switch between devices with ease. For example, players could start a game on their desktop PC, switch to their portable gaming device, and then resume their game from the exact point where they left off. This would eliminate the need to manually save your progress and load the game up again on a different device.

Technological Developments in Load Time Reduction

Microsoft has been developing technology to greatly reduce load times for gamers. For example, Direct Storage 1.1 is a technology that was released in 2022, which uses the GPU, rather than the CPU, to decompress game assets. This promises to dramatically reduce load times for gamers. As gamers increasingly demand faster and smoother experiences, Microsoft is investing in these technological developments to remain competitive.

Compatibility Issues Remain

The specific details of the integration of quick resume technology on Windows are unclear at this time. Soanes did not indicate when the technology would be available, how it would work, or with what platforms it would be compatible. The compatibility of the technology is a particularly important issue, as different games may have different requirements for the quick resume system to work effectively.

Support for the ROG Ally

Microsoft has explicitly supported the Asus ROG Ally. Gamers who purchase the device will receive three months of Game Pass Ultimate for free. Unlike the Steam Deck, the ROG Ally uses Windows, so it can run Game Pass Ultimate natively without the need for additional installations or changes. For gamers who want a seamless transition between different devices, the ROG Ally could be an ideal solution if quick resume technology is introduced on Windows.


The introduction of quick resume technology on Windows could revolutionize the gaming experience for desktop gamers. As gamers increasingly demand faster experiences with less load time, Microsoft is investing in technological developments like quick resume and Direct Storage 1.1 to stay competitive in the gaming market. Although the compatibility issues of quick resume technology on Windows are uncertain, the support from Microsoft for devices like the ROG Ally signals a promising future for quick resume on Windows.


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