Xbox Game Pass May 2023: First Wave of Titles Announced!

The first wave of Xbox Game Pass releases for May has been revealed, and it includes a mix of vampires, cult classics, and subgenres of RPGs. The much-awaited Redfall is undoubtedly the highlight of the list, being the first-party game coming from developer Arkane under Bethesda.

Other Releases

Aside from Redfall, two other day-one releases are set to be available on Xbox Game Pass this May. Ravenlok, which will be available starting May 4, is a 3D action game that offers sword and spell-fighting gameplay. Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2, on the other hand, is a turn-based RPG that will be available on the subscription service starting May 11.

Shadowrun Trilogy will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC owners starting May 9. This tactical RPG collection comprises three cult classics and is already available on Xbox consoles and cloud via Game Pass.

Meanwhile, Weird West: Definitive Edition for Xbox Series X|S rounds out the list. This game comes from the former creative leads of Dishonored and Prey, two previous Arkane games.

Quantum Break’s Return

Aside from the new titles, Microsoft has also announced that Quantum Break is set to return to Xbox Game Pass. This action-adventure video game lets players manipulate time during combat and can be experienced by subscribers soon.

Titles Leaving Xbox Game Pass in May

Five titles will be leaving Xbox Game Pass this May, set to bid farewell on May 15. These titles include:

  • Alan Wake (Console and PC)
  • Battletech (PC)
  • Dungeons 3 (PC)
  • Final Fantasy IX (Console and PC)
  • Hotline Miami (PC)


Xbox Game Pass continues to be an exciting subscription service that offers numerous games for players to enjoy. This May’s releases show that Microsoft aims to cater to everyone’s gaming preferences, may it be action, turn-based strategy, or RPGs.

The new titles’ arrival on the service coincides with the departure of five other games, making it an excellent time for subscribers to check them out before they’re gone.


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