Xbox Game Pass Deal Not Available Outside New Zealand

Excitement mounted when images surfaced online regarding the supposed pricing of the Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends program. It was said that up to five individuals could share the subscription for $40/month, which seemed too good to be true.

Clarifying the Pricing

It turns out that the alleged pricing is only available in New Zealand, as confirmed by Reporter Tom Warren. The Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends program is not launching imminently in the US, so it’s not possible to share the pass with friends in the States. The pricing may be disappointing news for American fans, but it’s a great deal for gamers in New Zealand.


The Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends program is already available in Ireland and Colombia, but it’s worth noting that plans can only be shared with people in the same region or country. Currently, sharing with friends in other countries where the program is available is not possible. It’s important to note this because it means that gamers worldwide will need to wait until the subscription becomes available in their country before they can start sharing the subscription with their friends.

Microsoft’s Launch Strategies

Microsoft, and many other companies, are known to release new services, products, and subscription offerings in smaller markets before launching them worldwide. It’s likely that the Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends program will eventually be available worldwide once it’s been thoroughly tested in each market. The gaming giant may even use its June showcase to announce the program’s availability in new regions, but currently, this is just speculation.

What Is the Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that offers gamers access to a wide variety of new games each month, day-one releases, Xbox exclusives, and plenty of titles from the EA Play library. It’s considered one of the best deals in gaming, and gamers worldwide are excited about the possibility of expanding it to include friends and family. It’s worth noting that If the Activision Blizzard deal is approved, Microsoft also intends to add games such as Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty to its library.


While the Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends program’s alleged pricing generated excitement, it’s crucial to note that it’s only currently available in New Zealand. Plans can only be shared with people in the same region, so it’s not possible to share it with friends outside these regions. Microsoft may roll this subscription worldwide eventually, but there’s no news of when it would be. For now, gamers worldwide will have to wait and see if Microsoft announces any new regions for the Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends subscription program in June.


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