Xbox Game Pass April 2023: First Wave of Titles Revealed!

The first wave of April’s Xbox Game Pass games has been announced, and there’s a diverse array of games that players can look forward to. This includes titles such as Loop Hero, Iron Brigade, Ghostwire: Tokyo, NHL 23, and Minecraft Legends.

Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a fascinating and tough game that’s now available on console and PC. It is a retro endless RPG that mixes deck-building with roguelike elements. Players battle to take down the dreaded Lich that has plagued the world with darkness. It’s a thrilling game that provides an intense challenge, and players who are into role-playing games will love it.

Iron Brigade

On April 6, Iron Brigade will be available on Xbox consoles and cloud devices. As a member of the Mobile Trench Brigade, you’ll need to take on the forces of the Monovision menace. Developed by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine studio, you’ll be able to wield a combination of mobile firepower and stationary defenses to help you win battles.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

After spending a year as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive, Ghostwire: Tokyo arrives on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and cloud on April 12. Set in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, you’ll be wielding spells and talismans in your quest to reclaim your body and stop a supernatural menace from unleashing an afterlife of dangerous phantoms upon the world. This version of Ghostwire: Tokyo includes the new Spider’s Thread update. It’s a thrilling experience that’s not to be missed, especially for fans of horror and supernatural games.

NHL 23

On April 13th, you can hit the ice with NHL 23. Available on Xbox consoles for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, NHL 23 includes all the intense ice hockey action, with new tweaks that make the sporting action even more exciting. It also includes women’s players in Ultimate Team. It’s the perfect game for sports fans who love fast-paced action and an intense challenge.

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Dungeons launches on April 18 for console, PC, and cloud, and is a new spin-off set in the popular worlds developed by Mojang. An action-strategy game, Minecraft Legends has lush biomes to explore, alliances to forge, and friends to make as you turn back the Piglin tide in big battles. It’s a fun and immersive game that provides a fresh take on the Minecraft universe.

Xbox Game Pass April Wave 1 Releases

  • Loop Hero (Console and PC) – Now available
  • Iron Brigade (Cloud and Console) – April 6
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 12
  • NHL 23 (Console via EA Play) – April 13
  • Minecraft Legends (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 18

Several games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass to make space for all the new arrivals, so players should get ready to say goodbye to Rainbow Six Extraction, Life is Strange: True Colors, and several other games on April 15.


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