WhatsApp developing Edit Message feature w/ alerts for iOS

WhatsApp is reportedly closer than ever to offering an edit message feature on its iOS app, according to a report from messaging app update tracker WABetaInfo. The report states that WhatsApp for iOS beta testers will receive the feature in a “future update of the app,” and the TestFlight app for WhatsApp version beta now shows a dedicated alert for edited messages.

When the feature is rolled out, edited messages will appear in a chat with an ‘edited’ label so that all users will know it has been amended. The company is expected to release the feature once incompatible versions of the WhatsApp app have expired, which will force users to upgrade to the latest edition that can both edit and receive edited messages.

The edit message feature has been in development on a number of platforms for some time, with reports last year suggesting that WhatsApp was working on it for both Android and iOS users. WABetaInfo’s report verifies previous claims that WhatsApp will allow users to edit messages within 15 minutes of sending them. Once the message has been edited, the ‘edited’ label will appear in the chat.

WhatsApp is also reportedly developing a dedicated Audio Chat feature, which could appear in a user’s conversation window. Although details surrounding the feature’s functionality remain unclear, it was spotted on a WhatsApp for Android beta, suggesting that the platform is also working on an iOS version.

In addition to these features, WhatsApp recently introduced two new updates to its WhatsApp Groups feature, with the company rolling out a tool for group admins to decide who can join and another to aid users in searching for a particular group from their contacts list.

The edit message feature is a highly anticipated addition to WhatsApp’s offerings, one that will help users correct mistakes in their messages or clarify their meaning after they have sent them. However, it is not yet clear when the update will roll out on a global level, and WhatsApp has not made any official statements regarding the matter.

Despite this, many will be pleased to know that the feature is progressing and that the beta tests have proven promising. Even so, some users may be wary of potential misuse of the feature to misrepresent past messages or to modify their content with malicious intent. As such, WhatsApp developers will have to monitor the feature carefully to ensure that it remains a tool for communication rather than one for subterfuge.

Overall, the development of an edit message feature on WhatsApp is a positive move that could offer users greater flexibility and control over their chats. As the feature continues to undergo beta testing, WhatsApp users will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on its progress and eagerly awaiting its official release.


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