What You Need To Know About Destiny 2: Grandmaster Nightfalls Upcoming Return

Destiny 2’s Grandmaster Nightfalls will be launching on April 11, accompanied by two brand-new Adept weapons that players can earn through this challenging PvE activity. The stakes for this season’s Nightfalls will be particularly high, as they will be capped at 25 levels below the enemies. This means that the enemies will be considerably tougher to fight off, so players will need to adapt their strategies to survive. The Buzzard and The Swarm are the two new weapons that players can earn in this activity, making it an enticing prospect for dedicated Destiny 2 fans.

Changes to Season 20’s Grandmaster Nightfalls

The Enemy Cap and Enemy Difficulty

One of the most significant changes to this season’s Nightfalls is the cap placed on the players’ levels in relation to the enemies. Players will be capped at 25 levels below the enemies, who will be at 1840. This means that players’ effective power will not exceed 1815. The enemies will also have increased resilience and aggression, making them particularly challenging to defeat.

The Champions System

The Champions feature will also be prevalent in this season’s Nightfalls, so players will have to come equipped with the right gear to take them on. Only one elemental burn will be active per activity, but this modifier will deal 25% more damage to the players if they’re struck using that element. Additionally, two elemental surges and overcharged weapons will be available to grant players a 25% damage boost.

The Revive System

Revives will be extremely limited in this season’s Nightfalls, and players will have to be careful in utilizing them as they will help bring teammates back into the fight. However, once a certain amount of time has passed, the power of Darkness will prevent players from resurrecting or being revived.

Battleground Tweaks

Additionally, Destiny 2 will be releasing updates in the mid-season patch to tweak the Battlegrounds for better playability. For instance, Heist Battleground: Mars will receive an additional ammo crate, an increase to the map score multiplier, and a decrease in how often combatants spawn on higher difficulties during the Towers phase. The number of enemy waves in all boss fights will be reduced, and there will be less health allocated to Deathtongue Choristers. Furthermore, there will be fewer Fallen trip mines in Heist Battleground: Moon.

What Else Can Players Expect in Season 21?

Bungie has detailed several changes included in Season 21, including the tweaking of buildcrafting to make activating Armor Charges more efficient, developing a more accessible method for obtaining Exotics, and making additional changes to Guardian Rank.

Final Thoughts

The new Grandmaster Nightfalls and the associated changes to Battlegrounds are significant for Destiny 2 players, exciting them for a fun and challenging experience. Overall, Destiny 2 aims to provide players with something new and enjoyable every season, and these latest changes are certainly a step in the right direction.


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