Vampire Survivors TV Series From John Wick Creator’s Studio in Development

The popular video game Vampire Survivors is set to become an animated TV series, as entertainment company Story Kitchen collaborates with game creator Luca Galante.


Vampire Survivors launched in 2022 to significant success, despite being initially seen as visually unremarkable. The game lacks a significant storyline, raising questions as to how it will translate to the screen. Deals for new projects are frequently announced in Hollywood, many of which ultimately never make it to production.

The TV Show

Story Kitchen, a media company established by John Wick producer Derek Kolstand and Sonic the Hedgehog producer Dmitri Johnson, is currently pitching the concept to animated TV networks. They are also searching for a writer for the upcoming series.

Media reports demonstrate that Galante himself is thrilled to have Vampire Survivors turned into an animated TV series. Johnson highlighted that Story Kitchen has sought a TV adaptation of the game since 2022, stating that the team was initially considering it “just another vampire game”. After a total of “hundreds of hours” of gameplay, Story Kitchen was convinced to greenlight the TV series project.

Johnson further noted that the team was “truly honoured” to collaborate with Galante, and expressed excitement over continuing the Vampire Survivors story.

The Team Behind It All

In addition to the forthcoming TV adaptation of Vampire Survivors, Story Kitchen is involved in various other entertainment projects, such as the Tomb Raider and Splinter Cell TV adaptations on Netflix, as well as Streets of Rage and Toejam & Earl movies at Amazon and Lionsgate. Furthermore, they are working on the It Takes Two TV movie for Amazon Studios.

Availability and Downloads

Vampire Survivors is currently available on various platforms, including PC, iOS, Android, and Xbox Game Pass. Recently, it was able to expand after receiving the Tides of the Foscari expansion earlier this month.


The success of Vampire Survivors in the gaming world has led to it being turned into a TV show, with the involvement of the Story Kitchen entertainment company, which is also behind numerous other screen adaptations. This news has received a mixed reaction from the public, with some feeling hesitant over the conversion of a game with minimal storyline. Meanwhile, the response from entertainment companies has demonstrated that there is significant interest in the project, even amid Hollywood’s usual high levels of competition.


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