Uncovering the Secret Location of the Fortnite Masked Warrior Made of Light

Fortnite players are in for a challenge this week as they embark on a quest to track down a masked warrior made of light. The game provides no further information, leaving players confused about where to start. But lucky for you, we’ve already completed the quest and can guide you through it.

Heading to Mega City

Your only hint is the word “city,” so trust your instincts and head to Mega City. If you’ve been playing this season, you may have already seen the giant hologram of a samurai near the center of the city. That’s where you’ll want to start. Land next to it and stand on the circle underneath it. Then, using any emote, activate the circle.

Activating the Circle

Any emote will work, so pick your favorite and use it. But make sure to use at least one, or else you’ll have to start over. Below is an image of the exact location for you to reference:

4130014 still008 - Uncovering the Secret Location of the Fortnite Masked Warrior Made of Light

Next Steps

Once you complete this challenge, the next part of the questline will involve finding the three boats that bring cargo. It’s another tricky puzzle, but not far from Mega City. Keep your eyes out for any clues and trust your instincts, and you should be able to complete it without too much trouble.

Conquering the Quest

Finding the masked warrior made of light may seem like a daunting task at first, but with our guide, you should be able to complete it quickly and easily. Remember to trust your instincts and look for any clues that may help you along the way. Good luck and happy gaming!


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