Titanfall Director Teases New Project That’s Not Another Titanfall Game

Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind popular games like Apex Legends and Titanfall, has announced plans for a new project in development. The as-yet-unnamed project is being spearheaded by Titanfall director Steve Fukuda, who is heading up a small “skunkworks” team within Respawn, according to the studio’s co-founder, Vince Zampella.

Something New on the Horizon

Zampella confirmed to Axios that the project isn’t a new Titanfall game, noting that the objective is to “find the fun in something new.” While details are scant at this point, it’s not uncommon in game development for studios to form smaller teams to explore new ideas before committing resources to more significant projects.

Beyond Respawn’s Latest Release

Although Respawn’s latest release, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, has been receiving rave reviews, Zampella and his team are focused on new projects as well. They are currently developing a Star Wars FPS as well as assisting with a Star Wars strategy game. “Something new” is also in the works, although details have yet to be released.

Battlefield and Call of Duty

Zampella is also playing a significant role in the Battlefield series, where he is working alongside former Call of Duty executive Byron Beede. While there is certainly competitive tension between the two franchises, Zampella argues that they’re not direct competitors.

“Battlefield has its specialness around the squad play,” Zampella explained, citing what he calls “only-in-Battlefield moments” that help differentiate the franchise from Call of Duty. Both franchises have a large following, and EA has bold plans for Battlefield’s future, although specifics on these plans have not yet been released.

The Future of Respawn

Respawn Entertainment is pushing forward with new projects and partnerships, and the studio’s highly acclaimed games have attracted a devoted fanbase. The success of Apex Legends and Titanfall has fueled anticipation for the studio’s upcoming projects, including the new FPS and strategy Star Wars games as well as whatever Fukuda and his team are cooking up.

Despite the current success, Respawn’s leadership remains humble, recognizing that it takes just one misstep to lose fans in this ever-changing industry. But with the studio’s track record of innovative gameplay and engaging storylines, fans of Respawn and its properties are eagerly anticipating what’s next.


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