This Fantastic Destiny 2 Gun Has A PvP God Roll And Is Very Easy To Get

Destiny 2 players are always on the lookout for the best weapons to use in both PvE and PvP modes. While some of the most coveted weapons are difficult to obtain, there is currently an auto rifle available that is worth adding to your collection. The Braytech Werewolf is a classic weapon that is usually available during Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event. However, if you already have it in your collection, you can reacquire it with some excellent curated perks that make it a must-have for PvP.

Why Braytech Werewolf is a Must-Have for PvP

What makes the Braytech Werewolf auto rifle so deadly in PvP is its Zen Moment perk. This perk reduces recoil and flinch over time when you inflict damage on opponents with this weapon. Combined with its excellent range, Braytech Werewolf can be a monster from medium to long distances and can compete with pulse and scout rifles.

Its rapid-fire frame and stability allow it to fire off a series of rounds that can shred through enemies. The good news is that you won’t need to grind through Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner to obtain this god roll of an auto rifle. You can grab it from your collection for a low price, making it an absolute steal.

The Immortal for Up Close and Personal Combat

If you prefer up close and personal options for PvP, The Immortal submachine gun is a sought-after weapon that is considered to have a god roll if it includes the Target Lock perk. However, it’s not as easy to obtain as the Braytech Werewolf. You will need to work your way through the Trials of Osiris ranks to obtain it.

Destiny 2’s Mid-Season Update

Destiny 2’s mid-season update will bring some buffs to auto rifles and several other weapon archetypes. In PvE modes, auto rifles will do 25% more damage against red and orange-bar enemies. Additionally, players can look forward to damage buffs for pulse rifles, hand cannons, sidearms, and scout rifles.

Bungie has continued to fine-tune the Destiny sandbox since the launch of Lightfall. Recent tweaks have seen the requirements for Guardian Ranks’ Commendations lowered and a tougher Nezarec for the Root of Nightmares raid. Additionally, players can now experience better storytelling outside of the main campaign.


The Braytech Werewolf auto rifle is a must-have weapon for PvP in Destiny 2. Its Zen Moment perk makes this gun a worthy adversary against pulse and scout rifles. Obtain it from your collection for a low price and enjoy using a god roll of an auto rifle without the need to grind through Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner. Keep an eye out for the upcoming mid-season update to take advantage of the buffs to auto rifles and other weapon types.


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