“There Is No Cow Level” Rumored To Be Absent In Diablo 4 Launch

In an interview with Wowhead, a developer from Blizzard confirmed that Diablo 4 won’t be featuring a cow level, which has been a part of the Diablo franchise since the second installment. The tonality of the game is the primary reason for not including the cow level, as it doesn’t fit with the “grounded” and “gritty” world of Diablo 4, which Blizzard has created. The decision has come as a disappointment to long-term fans of the franchise who were eagerly anticipating the release of Diablo 4.

What is a Cow Level?

For the uninitiated, the cow level refers to a hidden level in Diablo 2 called The Secret Cow Level, which featured hellish cows as enemies. Players could farm experience points in this area by easily defeating a ton of enemies. In spite of their popularity, Blizzard has repeatedly denied the existence of the cow level in the past, even going so far as to include a “There is no cow level” message in Diablo 2. Despite the denial, the cow level became an essential part of the franchise and a must-visit level for players.

Why No Cow Level in Diablo 4?

Blizzard has cited the tonality of Diablo 4 as the primary reason for not including the cow level in the game. A developer from Blizzard confirmed in an interview with Wowhead that pets, wings, and other such elements would also not be featuring in Diablo 4, as they didn’t match the world which Blizzard had created.

Blizzard’s Reasoning

Speaking to Wowhead, a developer said, “While we love taping cereal boxes to our pets, we went back to [the] drawing board and focused on creating something more grounded and visceral this time around. Without getting too into the weeds, we feel going colorful and bright with pets and wings simply doesn’t match the grittiness of the world we’re trying to create.” This statement reflects Blizzard’s aim of creating an immersive, dark and foreboding atmosphere for the upcoming game.

What to Expect From Diablo 4?

Despite the exclusion of the cow level, Diablo 4 has many features that are exciting the fans. Blizzard has put considerable effort into creating an immersive and replayable endgame content that players will thoroughly enjoy. The game promises to have a variety of challenging dungeons and open-world events, along with PVP content, which will satisfy the needs of players who enjoy competing with others.

The Characters of Diablo 4

The game features five playable classes, each with their unique backstory and abilities. The Barbarian is a melee-based class, while the Sorceress is the magic user. The Druid can transform into various beasts and has control over elements like fire and storm. The Rogue is a range-based class and features fast-paced gameplay. Lastly, the Paladin is a holy knight who has a mix of ranged and melee-based skills to choose from. The classes have generated a lot of buzz in the Diablo community, and everyone is eager to see how Blizzard has brought them to life in Diablo 4.

The World of Diablo 4

Players will be able to explore Sanctuary, the mythical and magical world that is the basis of the Diablo universe. The game will feature the dark and foreboding atmosphere that is the hallmark of the franchise, with gloomy landscapes and hordes of enemies waiting to confront players. With an open-world area, players will be able to visit various places, complete quests, and progress the story. The game will also feature various seasons, which will bring in new content and challenges for players to enjoy.

The Future of Diablo 4

While Diablo 4 won’t have a cow level at launch, Blizzard has confirmed that, after the game’s release, they might consider changing or adding new game features, including a cow level for the players who enjoy it. Diablo 3 had a similar level called Whimsyshire, which was bright and colorful, filled with teddy bears and unicorns as enemies. Given that this was a stark contrast to the rest of Diablo 3’s dark world, it is not surprising that Blizzard has chosen not to include a similar level in Diablo 4 at launch.


Diablo 4’s exclusion of the cow level shows Blizzard’s willingness to change the game’s features based on the game’s overall tonality. While many fans are disappointed not to see the cow level present in Diablo 4, the franchise’s loyal fanbase is eagerly anticipating the new things that Blizzard has promised. The game’s immersive world, replayable endgame content, and unique character classes mean that Diablo 4 will have enough exciting things to offer, even without a cow level.


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