The Math Mania: The New York Times Introduces Digits, the Math Version of Wordle

The New York Times has launched a new daily puzzle game called Digits that is currently in beta and available for this week only.

What is Digits?

Digits is a collection of math puzzles that require you to reach a designated number by using six numbers that can be multiplied, divided, subtracted, or added. However, the process of reaching the final number must not involve creating fractions or negative numbers.

How does it work?

There are five math puzzles to solve every day in Digits, and they are not one-and-done puzzles like Wordle; rather, depending on the path used to solve the math conundrums, players will be awarded 1-3 star ratings.

Bugs and beta testing

The New York Times has stated that while the game is in the beta testing phase, any bugs that are identified are closely monitored by the game’s development team. Only the most significant and game-improving bugs are fixed during this time.

The Times clarified that it is attempting to create puzzles that are both “thoughtfully made” and “thoughtfully played,” providing a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment to players who attempt these intellectual challenges.

Wordle and Digits

Wordle was a popular free-to-play game for several years before its creator, Josh Wardle, sold it to the New York Times. Since then, many new games inspired by Wordle have been created, such as Spotify’s Heardle, the challenging Quordle, and the stunning visual memory game, Framed.

If you are intrigued, you can give Digits a try on this link. The New York Times will further develop the game if there is a high demand for it among its readership.


The New York Times has launched Digits, a new daily puzzle game that requires players to use six numbers to reach a designated answer, avoiding negative numbers or fractions in the process. It is currently in beta testing mode and is free to play if you want to test it. If the game proves popular, the New York Times will work on developing it further.


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