The Legend of Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma Conquers Tears of the Kingdom 20 Times

The highly anticipated release of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’ is just around the corner and the game’s producer, Eiji Aonuma, has been making headlines for his recent comments on the game’s gameplay and features.

A New Perspective on Gameplay

Aonuma has recently advised players to slow down and not rush to the game’s ending, but instead take the time to explore the game’s side-paths. He believes that the game is much more fun when players take frequent detours. “When testing the game, I sometimes needed to rush ahead to clear the story, but later on, as I started to go off on side paths, I realized…it’s a whole different game!” Aonuma said in a new interview published by Nintendo.

The Key to Discovery: Fusion Abilities

Aonuma emphasized that fusion abilities are key to discovering new things within the game. “Even when sticking things together, there are so many different combinations that even I don’t know all of them. I even discovered something new the other day while shooting the gameplay demonstration video,” he said.

A Long and Accomplished History with Zelda

Aonuma has a long history with the ‘Zelda’ franchise. He directed ‘Ocarina of Time,’ ‘Majora’s Mask,’ ‘The Wind Waker,’ and ‘Twilight Princess’ before either supervising or producing the rest of the games in the franchise. With such an extensive history with the franchise, it is no wonder that Aonuma has such an in-depth understanding of the game’s features and gameplay.

Sequel to Behemoth Release Announced

Excitement surrounding the release of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’ is at an all-time high, and now, in addition to this upcoming release, Nintendo has announced that a sequel to ‘The Breath of the Wild, ‘ another game in the franchise, will be released on May 12. Fans and gamers alike can rejoice knowing that they will be able to continue their journey and exploration within the expansive open-world these games provide.


The ‘Legend of Zelda’ franchise has been a staple in gaming culture since its inception in 1986 and over the years, the developers continue to push the boundaries and innovate on what has made the games successful. With the upcoming release of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,’ players and fans alike can look forward to more exploration and adventure within the franchise’s expansive and immersive world.


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