The Last Of Us Part I PC Fixes Take Priority Over Steam Deck Compatibility

The long-awaited PC port of The Last of Us Part I has been hit with major technical issues since its release, but developer Naughty Dog has announced that they are working on a new patch to fix these problems. Unfortunately, this means that the game’s availability on Steam Deck will have to wait until further notice.

Hotfix and Patch Incoming

Naughty Dog has confirmed that a new hotfix will be live for The Last of Us Part I on the PC platform starting tomorrow, while a patch will be available on Friday. However, the studio has stated that Steam Deck users will have to wait for the game to run better before being able to play it.

Prioritizing Fixes for PC Version First

While many fans are eager to play The Last of Us Part I on Steam Deck, Naughty Dog says they are prioritizing the PC version first. This means that they need to work on fixes and patches before submitting the game for verification on the Steam Deck.

Naughty Dog has promised to keep players posted on the status of the game’s availability on Steam Deck as they continue improving the PC version.

Technical Problems and Glitches

Since The Last of Us Part I PC port’s release, it has been faced with a host of technical problems and strange glitches. Characters being soaked for no apparent reason was one of the bizarre bugs found, while Digital Foundry labeled the game as “effectively a beta” and a “profound disappointment” overall.

Steep System Requirements

One of the main issues with The Last of Us Part I PC port is the high VRAM and CPU requirements. Even powerful gaming PCs have trouble running the game smoothly, with most PC specs struggling with dropped frames and technical hitches.

While other PlayStation PC ports have been more accommodating, The Last of Us Part I appears to be an exception to the rule. Critics have noted that resolving these serious issues will take some time.


While fans may be disappointed that The Last of Us Part I is not yet available on Steam Deck, it’s reassuring to know that the developer, Naughty Dog, has acknowledged the problems with the PC port and is working to fix them. In the meantime, PC players can look forward to the hotfix tomorrow and the patch on Friday.


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