The Enchanting Journey Begins: Magical Adventure Game Comes to Apple Arcade on April 21, 2023

Team17 USA and Topia Studios have announced the upcoming launch of Summon Quest, an isometric magical adventure that will be available on Apple Arcade starting from April 21. The game will be playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, and will see players traversing dozens of levels while using increasingly powerful spells and skills to push back a tide of monsters that have created a rift between worlds.

Features of Summon Quest game

Push back the rift monsters

The game requires the players to fight through 60 levels of enemies within each region to reach the final boss. It takes skills and strategy to push back the tide of monsters and protect the different dimensions from being overrun.

Master magic

As players progress through the game, they will be able to choose from randomized, unique, and powerful skills at the end of each level, making their Summoner progressively stronger. Mastering magic is the key to success in this game.

Gather your fellowship

The game also enables players to unlock companions, which can be summoned to their side in battle. This helps players withstand the enemies better and progress in the game.

Steel yourself against foes

As players get stronger, they must also equip themselves with powerful equipment that provides permanent stat bonuses. This helps players to stand up to the enemies as they get more challenging as the game progresses.

Become the supreme summoner

The ultimate goal of the game is to beat each region on easy, medium, and extreme difficulty levels for ultimate rewards. The players who are able to accomplish this will be crowned as the supreme summoner, and their achievements will be known throughout the dimensions.

Announcement from Team17 USA

Joshua Babich, Vice President and General Manager, Team17 USA, stated that Summon Quest underlines the strength of their partnership with Topia Studios. This is following the launch of Farmside at the start of the year. Summon Quest promises engaging experiences, a magical adventure that underlines the kind of experiences that Team17 USA is dedicated to bringing to Apple Arcade in the years ahead.

Team17 USA and Topia Studios partnership

It’s noteworthy to note that the upcoming launch of Summon Quest marks the second time the two studios have worked together. Their first game, Farmside, was launched in February 2023. Farming and agriculture were the central theme of the game, a sharp contrast to the magical adventure of Summon Quest.

Final thoughts

With the upcoming launch of Summon Quest, Apple Arcade subscribers can look forward to another exciting game that promises adventure, magic, and challenges. If you have played Farmside and enjoyed it, Summon Quest will be another great game that further underscores the strength of the partnership between Topia Studios and Team17 USA. Get ready for a thrilling adventure!

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