The Case Of The Golden Idol: The Spider Of Lanka DLC Adds More Mystery To The Indie Hit

PlayStack has announced the release of The Spider Of Lanka, a downloadable expansion for their indie hit game, The Case Of The Golden Idol. The expansion includes three new mysteries set in the fictional Kingdom Of Lanka, which is located thousands of miles from the core game’s Blackfield. Players will be introduced to a prequel to the original game, set in 1741, one year before the first mystery of the core game.

New Mysteries to Solve

The Spider Of Lanka will see players once again join Albert Cloudsley and Oberon Geller, the protagonists of the first mystery of The Case Of The Golden Idol. This time around, the duo travels to the Kingdom Of Lanka on a maiden voyage. The game follows their journey as they visit the Raja, a priest with surprising information about the location of a mysterious item that could turn their voyage into a thrilling investigation.

Mystery-Solving Gameplay

Just like in the core game, players will be tasked with investigating scenes to determine specific events. By hunting for clues, reading texts, and finding important objects, players can unlock terms of interest that would then be used to fill out the details of each event. This format is similar to that of Mad Libs, with terms fitting into a predefined prompt, allowing the story to unfold based on the player’s investigative work.

Price and Availability

The Spider Of Lanka expansion will be available on Steam from May 4 for $6, and it requires the base game, The Case Of The Golden Idol, to play. For those who have not tried the core game, a demo is available which runs through the first mysteries of the game.


The Case Of The Golden Idol has been a massive success among indie game enthusiasts, and the latest release of The Spider Of Lanka is bound to excite players who love mystery-solving gameplay. The expansion promises a new prequel storyline, set in a fictional Kingdom and featuring interesting characters and thrilling new investigations, sure to pique the interest of players. The game’s Mad Libs-like mechanics offer a unique way of uncovering details, making The Spider Of Lanka expansion an exciting addition to the The Case Of The Golden Idol universe.


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