Street Fighter 6’s Max-Level AI Gives Top Players a Challenge

The upcoming Street Fighter 6’s AI opponents are creating a buzz in the gaming community with their exceptional skillset, even leaving multiple-time EVO champion Daigo bewildered. The demo version of the game is out and available for all platforms, which lets players to test their skills against the AI opponents. However, with eight different difficulty levels, the game’s max-level CPUs have been found to be a formidable challenge by many professional players, even leading some to call them “cheating.”

The Street Fighter 6’s AI Opponents Too Good to Beat?

Capcom has put immense effort into creating the AI opponent’s character in the game to provide a realistic gaming experience to the players. However, the realism of the game has led to some players, including professional players, being frustrated and calling the AI “too good.”

Demo Version Available for All Platforms

The demo version for Street Fighter 6 is now out, and several players and content creators have tried their hand at it. However, the majority of creators and players seem to be having a tough time beating the game’s level-8 CPUs, especially while playing against Ryu, one of the two available characters to master in the demo version.

AI Takes Over the Game?

The AI in Street Fighter 6 has been designed to act and think like a human player. The unbeatable skills of the level-8 CPUs have forced quite a few players to express their frustration and call the AI unfair. They seem to make predictive moves and execute optimal combos that not only take half of the enemy’s health bar in no time but also leave the enemy completely bewildered.

Even Professional Players Find It Challenging

It’s not just the casual players who find the game’s AI opponents challenging but even professionals. Video footage of Street Fighter champion Daigo facing a level-8 CPU opponent Ryu shows the “godlike” button-pressing abilities that leave Daigo flabbergasted in defeat. The champion even goes as far as saying that the CPU opponent is cheating for being too good.

Street Fighter 6’s Robust Features

Street Fighter 6 will be released on June 2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, featuring cross-play across platforms and rollback netcode. Capcom has added the World Tour feature, a robust single-player mode where players can create their custom characters, level them up, and learn signature moves from famous Street Fighter characters. The game will also release Rashid and Akuma as the first wave of DLC, which will be available over the next year.


Street Fighter 6’s AI opponents have certainly taken the gaming community by storm. While the game’s incredible realism and unbeatable levels may appear as cheating to a few players, they undoubtedly offer a surreal gaming experience to gamers. We hope that Capcom continues to offer innovative and challenging features like this to its gaming audience.


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