Street Fighter 6 Tournament Rules Anger Hitbox Users

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Street Fighter 6 in June, Capcom has announced a new rule change that could have a major impact on future Capcom Pro Tour tournaments. The rule concerns leverless controllers, which have historically given players a significant advantage in matches.

The New Rule

The new rule outlined by Capcom states that if a player inputs up and down directions at the same time, then both inputs must either be maintained or rejected. This change is intended to ensure that all leverless controllers operate to a universal standard regardless of make or model at Capcom-sanctioned events.

The Effect on Leverless Controllers

Leverless controllers, particularly those manufactured by Hitbox, have long been a subject of controversy, with some calling them “cheater’s boxes.” These controllers replace the traditional joystick with a series of buttons for directional inputs, allowing players to perform certain moves more quickly and efficiently than those using standard fightsticks or controllers. While some consider leverless controllers to be a necessary piece of hardware for becoming proficient in fighting games, others argue that they give players an unfair advantage.

Reaction from Hitbox

Following Capcom’s announcement of the new rule, leverless controller manufacturer Hitbox released a press statement stating that it is developing a “solution” to comply with the new rule. The statement also mentioned that Capcom and Street Fighter do not represent the fighting game community as a whole.

Potential Implications

While it remains to be seen whether Capcom’s rule will be adopted at other tournaments or by other fighting games that host global events, Capcom is generally seen as a trendsetter in the industry and could set a precedent for other brands to follow.

Street Fighter 6 Features

Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be the most approachable game in the series with three distinct control schemes. The Classic control scheme is an old-school setup, while the Modern Control Type allows for easier inputs, and the Dynamic Control Type is an AI-assisted feature that ensures users will always use the best move possible depending on their positioning in a level. While Dynamic controls are only available in local play, Modern controls will be allowed in online play.


With the release of Street Fighter 6 on the horizon, Capcom’s rule change on leverless controllers has caused significant controversy within the fighting game community. While the impact of the rule change remains to be seen, it could set a precedent for other games and tournaments to follow. Regardless, Street Fighter 6’s diverse control options will make the game accessible to players of all skill levels.


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