Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Scavenger Droids Were Designed To Be Horrible Little Metal Jerks

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players may find themselves cursing a new enemy type while exploring the game’s planets. The scavenger droid is a small automaton that scurries away when approached but contains valuable resources within its shell. However, catching these droids is easier said than done, as they burrow underground as soon as the player uses Force Pull on them. So it’s not surprising that many players have developed pure disdain for scavenger droids.

The Deviousness of Scavenger Droids

The scavenger droid’s reputation has been so marred by players’ frustration that Jedi: Survivor senior writer Pete Stewart tweeted about them. In response to a Twitter post that asked players which enemy type they hate the most in the game, Stewart responded with a tweet saying that scavenger droids were “metal rat bastards” and “devious weasel robots” that players should not trust. According to Stewart, scavenger droids are “thieves” and “liars” that “will pick your body clean before it’s even cold.” This is not surprising, given that Stewart himself wrote the scavenger droids’ lore.

Scavenger Droids Are the Crystal Lizards of Jedi: Survivor

No one likes to chase a creature that keeps scampering away, leaving behind valuable loot. But scavenger droids are Jedi: Survivor’s version of the crystal lizard, a small creature in From Software’s Dark Souls series that’s worth killing for the rare materials that it drops. While scavenger droids are not as dangerous as other enemies in Jedi: Survivor, they have become the most devious, due to their penchant for wiggling their way out of danger when caught.

Patches for Jedi: Survivor

EA and developer Respawn have been working hard to iron out any issues with Jedi: Survivor since its launch, especially on the PC. EA has promised to keep releasing patches for the game to improve its performance and provide a smoother gaming experience. The current patches will be available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S this week. EA and Respawn have been listening to player feedback and striving to provide the best possible gaming experience, so they can expect further updates in the coming weeks and months.


If you see a scavenger droid in Jedi: Survivor, do not trust it. These little bots are the most devious enemies in the game, and Pete Stewart, the game’s writer, himself admits that they are “metal rat bastards” that will rob you blind. However, catching them is nonetheless worthwhile, as they possess valuable resources that players will need to unlock numerous rare and unique items.


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