Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Essence Crystal Locations Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – A Guide to Finding Essence Locations

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has become a highly popular game with gamers all over the world. The game boasts of various upgrades that help players enhance their gameplay. One of these upgrades is the Essence Crystals that can enhance the player’s HP, Force, or XP. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you locate Essence Crystal locations in the game.

Where to Find Essence Locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The game relies heavily on backtracking after obtaining certain traversal abilities. This guide will include only Essence Crystals that provide HP, Force, and XP. We won’t discuss those that reward new perks or perk slots.

Coruscant Essence Crystals: Campaign Start

Essence #1: Health – You’ll find this crystal in Undercity Meats just before you learn the Confuse Force Power. It will most likely be the first Essence Crystal that you spot in the campaign.

Koboh Essence Crystals: First Visit

Essence #1: XP – Upon landing on Koboh, proceed further inland until you reach the Derelict Dam fast travel point. Look back the way you came, and down below the makeshift platform is a ledge, as well as a cosmetic chest. You should be able to land on solid ground and, beyond that, you’ll see an open chamber. Grab hold of the rope, then wall run to reach the crystal.

Essence #2: Health – From the Derelict Dam fast travel point, check the cliffside path (the one further away from the dinosaur), and you’ll end up encountering a Gorocco. Defeat this boar-gorilla hybrid and open the door. The Essence is just beyond.

Essence #3: Force – Shortly thereafter, you’ll enter a facility with several Rolling Mines. At the very end (where you find the Tactical Jacket), there’s a device that continuously spawns these mines. You can then blow up the wall to create an exit back to the Derelict Dam. This time, you’ll want to let the Rolling Mine follow you to the right-hand side of the cliffs, near a Prospector, workbench, and elevator. Once you reach the edge, use Force Pull and Force Push on the mine to blow up the cliffside wall. Follow the path, fighting another Gorocco, until you reach the top of the hill. You can grab the Essence here before riding the elevator back down. Remember this location since you’ll come back here much later in the campaign.

Essence #4: XP – Eventually, you’ll see the massive lands of Koboh in the distance in a rather cinematic moment. You’ll also meet an NPC named Mosey. Just below the hill and to your right, you’ll see vines and ledges that you can clamber onto. The goal is to traverse this section to reach a distant cliffside area overlooking an outpost with a Meditation Point (Riverbed Watch).

Essence #5: Force – From Southern Reach, you’ll see Rambler’s Reach Outpost. A short distance away from the town, there’s another area called Hunter’s Quarry. To get this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Essence Crystal, you should use the ledge and vines to reach the interior of the main building. Inside is a Rolling Mine spawner. Have it follow you outside, then grab and throw it at the sludge-covered wall.

Essence #6: XP – You’ll reach Pyloon’s Saloon and meet up with Greez. You’re then told to check the underground Smuggler’s Tunnel. In the small chamber with Hardshell enemies, you’ll see this crystal.

Essence #7: Force – If you haven’t yet, return to the Smuggler’s Tunnel after clearing your first Jedi Temple and meeting Zee. Although the ground collapsed earlier, you should be able to dive down the pool. There’s a glowing spot here, so just submerge, then swim up when you see the other opening. You can interact with the crystal, but you won’t be able to open the door that leads to Phon’qi Caverns just yet.

Essence #8: Health – Proceed further until you reach the top of the Forest Array. After a boss battle, you’ll be able to pick this up.

Shattered Moon Essence Crystals

Essence #1: Force – As you’re heading deeper into the facility, you’ll grapple to reach the large centrifuge, eventually seeing a green barrier that you can’t pass through just yet. On the opposite side, there’s a shaft with several Shiverpede enemies. Use the grapple and metal grates to reach the crystal.

Koboh Essence Crystals: Stone Spires and Lucrehulk

Essence #1: Health – Take out a dozen or so enemies at Riverbed Watch outpost, picking up the Bun haircut, too. The crystal is on the topmost section.

Essence #2: Force – For this particular Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Essence Crystal, you need to acquire the Koboh Grinder ability for BD-1. Burn away the gunk to reveal this object.

Essence #3: XP – Loop around to lift the large door that leads to a ledge with this crystal.

Essence #4: XP – With the Lift and Slam ability, you’ll be able to reach the chamber with The Massiff.

Essence #5: HP – You can pick this up after the boss fight.

Shattered Moon Essence Crystals: The Giant Laser Beam of Death

Essence #1: XP – You can use Merrin’s Charm to phase through green barriers when it’s about to fire. The Essence Crystal is at the end of this section.

Koboh Essence Crystals: Fogged Expanse and Mountain Observatory

Essence #1: Follow the path just after the Mogu and you’ll see a cliffside area with several Rolling Mines.

Essence #2: Use the Electro Dart to lift the wall, then do a wall run to reach this.

Essence #3: As you advance further, you’ll encounter a part of the game called Jedi: Survivor.

In Conclusion

These are a few of the many locations from the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game where you can acquire some essential Essence Crystals. We hope this guide helps enhance your gameplay experience and gives you a full understanding of where to find Essence locations in the game. So, get going, and may the force be with you!


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