Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Accessible Difficulty Options Revealed

Electronic Arts (EA) has announced the accessibility and difficulty options for its upcoming game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which will allow players more control over their in-game experience with added features.

Accessibility Options

The game includes a range of accessibility options that enable players to customize their play experience. Some of the most notable features include control customization, which allows users to remap the controls as required, subtitle and closed caption options, and more.

The subtitle and closed caption options offer users a chance to decide how much detail they want in both subtitles and closed captions throughout the game. Users have the option to see them during normal conversations and battles, with directional indicators also togglable.

Difficulty Options

Just like the original Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Survivor will have four difficulty options, each of which offers varying levels of challenge.

  • Story Mode: For those who wish to enjoy the adventure with little resistance from foes. Parry times are generous, and damage dealt by enemies is minimal.
  • Jedi Knight: More of a challenge than Story Mode but gentler than Jedi Master. Parry times are still somewhat generous though enemies deal a fair amount more damage than they do in Story Mode.
  • Jedi Master: A challenging adventure. Players will need to hone their reflexes to overcome enemies.
  • Jedi Grand Master: Offers even more of a challenge than Jedi Knight, with enemy aggressiveness dialed up to keep you on your toes. The most difficult option, as parry windows are small, and enemies are merciless. This difficulty setting will test your mettle.

Gameplay Modifiers

Aside from the difficulty settings, there are gameplay modifiers that can be activated at any point in the game. These include features like the camera option for auto-targeting, button mash options, hold/pull toggles, navigation assist, and audio pings.

One new feature being introduced is Slow Mode. This feature puts time in slow motion enabling users to clear through parts of the game easily. There is also a shortcut control that enables users to bind specific buttons to perform actions such as slow mode, photo mode, audio pings, and more.


With these new features coming to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, EA is ensuring that players have a more personalized gaming experience. Users can adjust the visuals according to their preferences, use different difficulty levels, and apply gameplay modifiers at any time.

Those eager to try out the game will need to wait and mark their calendars for the scheduled release date. Fans can get more Star Wars Jedi: Survivor news as they wait patiently for the game’s highly anticipated release.


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