Sony’s PS5 Controller Gets a Temperature-Changing Upgrade

A new patent application filed by Sony reveals that the gaming giant is looking to integrate temperature feedback into its signature PlayStation controllers for a more immersive gaming experience.

Sony’s Patent Application

The patent application, first spotted by Exputer, outlines a novel approach to creating a more tactile experience for gamers. Currently, most gaming controllers come equipped with plastic materials that are hard to bend or deform. This has traditionally posed a challenge to provide haptic feedback that mimics the happenings on screen. Sony’s solution is an “elastically deformable” elastic member that enables temperature feedback to simulate what is happening during gameplay.

Revolutionary Controller with Leading-Edge Technology

The temperature feedback technology is a significant advancement for the PlayStation console’s controllers as it seeks to make gaming more immersive. The temperature feedback is created using a gas bubble that is mixed in advance to the elastically deformable elastic member. The controller would then have a temperature control apparatus such as a Peltier element that controls the gas volume in the bubble.

Create A More Engaging Haptic Experience Through Deforming Action

In its patent application, Sony says that the elastically deformable elastic member can detect the user’s contact with or deforming action of the elastic member, outputting an electric signal based on the actions detected.

The Purpose of the Patent

The PS4 and PS5 could benefit from this revolutionary haptic technology, according to the filing. Unlike other gaming controllers that have minimal haptic feedback, the filing points out that the Xbox One and Nintendo’s Joy-Con controller already have haptic feedback features. Sony’s patent application aims to take the haptic control experience to the next level and create a more enriched haptic experience for PlayStation gamers.

Potential Benefits of Haptic Technology

The benefits of haptic technology in gaming are immense. It provides gamers with a unique and incredibly realistic playing experience that makes gaming more entertaining, engaging, and immersive. With this in mind, it will be interesting to see how the PlayStation console lineup evolves to incorporate some of the innovative features present in the new patent application. These enhanced haptic feedback capabilities could provide a game-changing experience for gamers across the world.

The Future of Gaming on PlayStation

We may not yet have the technology to create entirely lifelike virtual realities, but the patent application is a clear indication that we are going in the right direction. Gamers are ever in search of new technologies that can create unique and more immersive experiences, and the incorporation of a temperature feedback feature into PlayStation controllers is a significant step in that direction. It is possible that this new technology could pave the way for a new wave of interactive gaming on PlayStation consoles.


The new patent application, filed by Sony, promises to create a more immersive and engaging gaming experience for PlayStation users. The application outlines a novel approach to creating tactile haptic feedback through a temperature feedback system built into the controllers. The incorporation of this novel technology could give PlayStation consoles a significant edge in the gaming industry by creating a more realistic virtual gaming experience.


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