Someone Turned ChatGPT Into A Robot Dog, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

A new experimental machine has been created by a machine-learning engineer, Santiago, who has integrated the ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence into a Boston Dynamics robot dog, also known as Spot. This breakthrough has created a more efficient way for engineers to process raw data gathered by robots on missions. According to Santiago, these robots run daily missions which accumulate miles-long, hard-to-understand configuration files that only technical people can handle. The end-result of this experiment is an impressive one, as Spot can provide valuable feedback and can accept commands, delivering the relevant information required on its daily walks.

Integrating ChatGPT into Spot the Robot Dog

Santiago, the machine-learning engineer, has integrated the ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence into a Boston Dynamics robot dog to help better process data that the robots gather on missions. According to Santiago, the robots run missions every day, and ChatGPT allows the engineers to more efficiently query the data from those operations. Previously, a mission’s data was gathered with tons of hard-to-understand configuration files that only technical people could handle. At the end of each mission, the robots capture a ton of data. There is no simple way to query all of it on demand.

The End Result of the Experiment

After integrating ChatGPT into Spot, Santiago and his team created specific terms and routines for ChatGPT to function properly within the robot dog. The end-results are impressive, as combined with Google text-to-speech, Spot can provide valuable feedback and can accept commands, delivering the relevant information that the team requires from its daily walks.

Controversy Over AI

AI is taking over the more mundane tasks of science, raising concerns over its use in areas such as artwork as it could put human beings out of a job. AIs such as Diffusion and Midjourney have been accused of stealing from artists, prompting countries to work on creating new regulations to reign in the use of this technology.

Boston Dynamics Progress with Robots

Boston Dynamics has made significant breakthroughs with Spot and other robots developed at its labs. There was some controversy in this field recently as a video of a Boston Dynamics knockoff robot dog firing a submachine gun began circulating last year. However, for now, AI is finding its feet in various fields. Avengers Endgame co-director Joe Russo recently spoke about the potential ways artificial intelligence might aid filmmakers and how it could develop to the point it could direct its own feature-length movie.

The Future of Blade Wolf

People are already speculating about how long it will be before Boston Dynamics and ChatGPT unveil a fully-functioning Blade Wolf robot straight out of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Still, this hopefully will not occur before wildly implausible cybernetic enhancements and high-frequency vibration swords are more commonplace. However, the rules of nature might say otherwise.

Maintaining Integrity with AI

While the integration of AI into robots brings many benefits, it is essential to ensure that AI’s integrity is maintained. The risk of misusing AI and its speed increases when we depend heavily on it. Humans must maintain the ethics guiding the development of AI applications to ensure that they remain helpful and serve humanity.


The integration of ChatGPT into a robot dog has created immense value for the engineers who rely on the data collected by these robots. This innovation marks a significant milestone in the advancement of technology and the possibilities it brings for the future. However, people need to maintain caution and ensure that the integration of AI into various fields is done with ethics and responsibility.


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