Sole Destiny 2 player defeats Nezarec Raid Boss

Destiny 2 players know just how tough raids can be. These player-versus-environment activities require teamwork, coordination, and plenty of firepower to defeat bosses like the god of pain himself, Nezarec. However, one Guardian has managed to achieve what many would consider impossible: defeating Nezarec solo.

The Snazzy Rock’s Strategy

The Snazzy Rock tackled the Root of Nightmares raid all by themselves, using careful planning and key Exotics to take down the final boss. Eriana’s Vow was instrumental in delivering critical hit damage, while Sunbracer Gauntlets were essential for crowd control between damage phases with a Warlock Solar build. Additionally, a grenade launcher with a blinding effect kept enemies at bay as the Guardian ran around the stage.

Snazzy Rock’s strategy also involved quickly switching loadouts to maximize their damage against Nezarec. Their ability to manage this feat is visible in the video above.

A World First Achievement

In total, it took The Snazzy Rock a month to accomplish this impressive feat against Nezarec. The achievement is believed to be a world first for solo runs at this raid boss – an amazing display of skill that few other players could match.

A Unique Boss Fight Mechanic

It’s worth noting that the battle with Nezarec includes a unique gameplay mechanic revolving around light and dark nodes on the map. One wrong step can lead to an entire fireteam being wiped out from activated traps surrounding them after passing through incorrectly lit doorways.

Bugged Warlock Well of Radiance Super

Interestingly, the Nezarec boss fight presents a peculiar bug. Using a Warlock Well of Radiance Super leaves Nezarec in a state where he’s slow to respond with lethal force. To balance this glitch, Bungie plans to address it in a future update – it is worth noting that this exploit will not be valid for too much longer.

Other Fixes Coming Soon

Bungie has several other fixes on the horizon for Destiny 2. For example, adjustments for Quicksilver Storm and Touch of Malice are scheduled soon according to sources from Bungie Gaming Company.

Destiny 2 raids remain some of the most challenging player-versus-environment content available on any gaming platform. But for Guardians like The Snazzy Rock, these modes present an opportunity to showcase their skills and tactical mastery against some of the world’s most formidable foes.

The solo defeat of Nezarec is an impressive accomplishment and an example of what skilled players can achieve when given the right tools and expertise.


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