Snag This Horizon Forbidden West Lego Set At A Discount!

Horizon Forbidden West fans have a new project to look forward to with the discounted Tallneck Lego set, now available on Amazon for only $72, down from $90. This set includes 1,222 Lego pieces to build the iconic Tallneck machine from the Horizon series, as well as figurines of Aloy and the Watcher. But interested buyers should act fast, because this set has sold out quickly in the past when discounted.

The Details

The Tallneck Lego set is designed for ages 18 and up, possibly due to the complexity of the assembly process and the large number of pieces. The display piece is not intended to be played with, and its various pivot points are static for the most part, although its head and legs can move.

The set is marketed to Horizon Forbidden West enthusiasts as it features the Tallneck in impressive detail, with little Lego pieces carefully placed to replicate the machine’s disc-shaped head, neck antennae, and tails. The set also includes a display stand with additional brick-built elements, such as a birch tree, tall grass, and a rusty stoplight with a vine wrapped around it.

Builders will appreciate the included step-by-step booklet, which not only features building instructions but also provides a story on the set’s creation process. The set can even be transformed into a lamp with the purchase of LED lighting.

Why Buy It?

With its steep discount, the Tallneck Lego set is an affordable and rewarding hobby project for Horizon Forbidden West enthusiasts. For those who enjoy building and displaying intricate Lego sets, this one is certainly an eye-catching addition to any collection.

While it is not designed as a toy, the set could still make for a fun family project, with adult supervision recommended due to the small and complex-shaped pieces. And with its impressive level of detail, figurines of Aloy and the Watcher, and additional brick-built elements, the set is a fitting tribute to one of the most iconic machines in the Horizon series.


The discounted Tallneck Lego set is a must-have for Horizon Forbidden West enthusiasts looking for a new project. With its impressive attention to detail, brick-built figurines of Aloy and the Watcher, and additional elements for display, this set is a great value at its discounted price. But don’t wait too long to add it to your cart-the set has sold out quickly in the past when discounted.


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