Shigeru Miyamoto Expertly Avoids the “When’s The Next Mario Game?” Question

The release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is just around the corner, and gamers are already eagerly anticipating the next Mario game. Shigeru Miyamoto, the “father of Mario,” has been fielding questions about the upcoming game during his promotional duties for the movie. But when asked for hints about when players can expect the next installment of the beloved series, Miyamoto remained tight-lipped, saying, “Please stay tuned for future Nintendo Directs.”

Constant Work on Mario

This isn’t the first time Miyamoto has deflected questions about the next Mario game. In an interview with IGN, he was asked a similar question, to which he responded, “Nintendo is always working on Mario.” It’s a reassuring answer for fans worried that the franchise might fall by the wayside or not continue at all, although Miyamoto’s vagueness doesn’t offer a clear timeline or any specific details.

Bigger Than Ever

In many ways, it’s a testament to the popularity and success of Mario that fans are so eagerly anticipating the next game. Despite being over three decades old, Mario is still one of the biggest names in gaming–and perhaps even more iconic than ever. With a constant stream of new releases, remasters, and updates, the franchise shows no signs of slowing down.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The imminent release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie adds even more excitement to the franchise’s future. Set for release in theaters on April 5th, fans can look forward to seeing their favorite Italian plumber in a new medium–although reviews so far have been mixed. For gamers anxiously waiting for the next Mario game, however, the movie may be a welcome distraction in the meantime.


While Miyamoto’s reticence to provide specifics about the next Mario installment might be frustrating for fans, it’s clear that Nintendo is still hard at work on the series. With a huge and devoted fanbase, and the upcoming movie generating even more buzz, it’s sure to be only a matter of time until we get more information. In the meantime, fans can at least rest easy knowing that Mario isn’t going anywhere.


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