Save Big On Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controllers At Amazon

Xbox fans, heads up! The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller is now on sale at Amazon for $105–that’s $25 off the regular price of $130–making it a great option for those in need of a new Xbox controller. Read on to learn more about this sale and the Elite Series 2 Core controller itself.

The Elite Series 2 Core Controller

Released last fall as a budget-friendly alternative to the standard Elite Series 2, the Core version of the controller does not come with any of the attachments like back paddles, swappable analog sticks, or a swappable D-pad. However, it still features the premium build and features of the Elite Series 2 controller, such as nicer sticks, trigger locks, an eight-way metal D-pad, and tactile grips on the handles.

Upgrades and Accessories

If you’re looking to upgrade the controller with the attachments mentioned earlier, Microsoft has you covered with their Complete Component Pack priced at $60. Alternatively, you can pick and choose which swappable parts you want and buy them separately from third-party companies. For example, there are back paddles available for around $10, which have been tested and proven successful. Scuf, a third-party manufacturer, has a set of Elite Series 2 back paddles for $20.

Blue and Red Versions

If a more colorful controller is more up your alley, Microsoft has recently released blue and red versions of the Elite Series 2 Core. You can grab the blue version for $132 (normally $140) and the red version for $133.55 (normally $140).

An Open-Box Deal

If the standard Elite Series 2 controller with all the attachments is what you’re after, you can get an open-box version on eBay for only $110–which is a great deal considering it usually retails for around $180. The “Top Rated Plus” seller is offering free two-to-four-day shipping and eBay’s money-back guarantee. Keep in mind that the original box and packaging materials may be missing, but the controller should be in like-new condition with all original accessories included.


If you’re in the market for a new Xbox controller, now is a great time to get an Elite Series 2 Core controller at a discount. And if you want to add more customization options later on, there are plenty of upgrade options available.


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