Samsung Admits Keyboard App Battery Drain after One UI 5.1 Update

Samsung has confirmed that its One UI 5.1 software update based on Android 13 is causing excess battery draining on Samsung Galaxy devices. The issue is said to be caused by the Samsung Keyboard app.

Samsung Confirms Battery Draining Issue

According to a Samsung Community page in Malaysia, the One UI 5.1 update has been confirmed to be affecting the battery life of Samsung Galaxy devices. The company has acknowledged the problem and has provided a fix for users.

New Update for Samsung Keyboard

Samsung has shared that the issue can be fixed by updating the Keyboard app to the latest version that was released on March 2. The latest version of the Samsung Keyboard app (v can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

To update the Samsung Keyboard app, users will be required to go to the Galaxy Store > Menu > Updates > Samsung Keyboard > Tap the Update button. However, if the app has already been updated, the Update button may not appear on the screen.

Update Brings Enhancements and Features

The Android 13-based One UI 5.1 update, which was launched on February 1 alongside the Galaxy S23 series, brought several enhancements and features to the devices.

Enhanced Camera Experience with Expert RAW Feature

The update brought a better camera experience and added the Expert RAW feature, which allows users to capture images in high-quality.

Multitasking with DeX Mode

The One UI 5.1 update offers ease to multitasking with the DeX Mode. It allows users to resize both windows using the splitter in the middle of the screen.

Use Same Mouse to Control Galaxy Devices and Samsung Galaxy Book

The update also allows users to control their Galaxy smartphone and tablet with the same mouse used to control the Samsung Galaxy Book.

Shared Family Album Feature in Gallery App

The Gallery app also received a Shared Family Album feature that uses facial recognition to suggest photos to add to the folder.

Users are advised to download the latest Samsung Keyboard app version to improve the battery life of their devices.


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