RuneScape Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests update: April 10th, 2023

Runescape players are in for a treat with the latest game update – Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests. The update includes a new mini-quest and Slayer Challenge, new skilling rewards, and the introduction of a new Slayer Master, The Raptor. The update will be available to Runescape members starting on April 10th, 2023.

Introduction of Four New Slayer Creatures

Fort Forinthry is under siege by a horde of walking dead, and it is up to the players to work with The Raptor to defeat them. The all-new slayer creatures – Fetid Zombie, Bound Skeleton, Rising Ghost, and Armoured Phantom – add to the excitement of the game, but players will need to be prepared to face them.

Slayer Trophies as Rewards

Players who defeat the new slayer creatures will be rewarded with Slayer Trophies that offer buffs and rare drops, including a new two-handed magic talent. The rewards increase as players advance in the game and defeat more creatures.

Building Skill Is Critical to Advancing the Plot

To advance the plot and gain extra bonuses for the Slayer skill, players will need to work on their Building skill. The Guardhouse that players construct will provide higher spawn rates for Elite monsters and more damage bonuses.

Zemouregal as Villainous Necromancer

The Unwelcome Visitors update marks the arrival of the nefarious necromancer Zemouregal, whose role will be explained in future updates. Players will first encounter him in Unwelcome Visitors, setting the stage for future confrontations.


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