Roblox to Hide Ads for Under-13s and Ban Insect Body Part Ads

The massive online gaming platform Roblox has recently introduced changes to its community standards, particularly with regards to advertising targeted at children. In an effort to safeguard younger users, Roblox will now conceal all advertising content from users under the age of 13.

Compliance is Key

Roblox is urging creators to take responsibility for their games and follow the new rules. Creators who do not comply with the revised community standards could face punitive measures, including account suspension.

Motivation for Change

Roblox’s decision to update its community standards comes after the Truth in Advertising complaint was filed with the FTC. The complaint alleged that Roblox was surreptitiously advertising to children in violation of relevant laws. reports that the group referred to Roblox’s activities as “digital deception” and accused the company of failing to enforce compliance with advertising standards.

Prohibited Advertising: NFTs, Dating Services, and Funerals

Beyond hiding advertising for users under 13 years of age, Roblox has also expanded the list of categories that classify as “prohibited advertising” content. The platform now prohibits advertising for NFTs and cryptocurrencies as well as online dating services. The company has additionally banned the advertising of fortune-tellers, funeral services, and insects, including their body parts and byproducts.

Roblox’s Monetary Situation

In other news, Roblox Corp. recently revealed that it had stored $150 million at the now-defunct Silicon Valley Bank. However, the company has reassured investors that the US government successfully recovered the funds.


With these recent changes to their advertising standards, Roblox has taken actionable steps towards maintaining a safe online environment for younger users. It will be up to the creators and users on the platform to ensure that the new measures are upheld.


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