Road To Valor: Empires – Krafton releases 1.14 update and Gold Rush event

Krafton Corporation, the developer of Road to Valor: Empires has released its much-awaited 1.14 update, which brings brand new training modes, alliance settings, and the chance to earn more free rewards. Along with the update, the company has announced the exciting “Gold Rush” in-game event that will give players the opportunity to win 20,000 Gold coins.

Update Highlights

The 1.14 update brings a host of improvements to guardians, units, and siege weapons. Here are some key highlights:

Training Battles

Players on Battlefields 1-5 can now access Training Battles, in which they can understand the compatibility between units and receive a reward upon completion. Players have the option to turn Training Battles on and off in the game settings.

New Alliance Settings

Alliance settings have been modified with the addition of the “Invite Only” function. Leaders and advisers can now select users who have applied for membership and add them as Alliance members.

New Rewards

Users now have the option to double their reward by watching ads. The daily ad view limit has also been increased from 1 to 3, increasing the chance to earn more free rewards.

Guardian, Unit, Weapon, and Building Upgrades

Susanoo’s Active Skill “Kusanagi no Tsurugi” sees improvements in attack damage increments and HP recovery across levels. Various units, such as Benkei, Shieldman, Necromancer, and Samurai, have also been improved. Buildings like Watchtower, Catapult, Tower of Babel, Dwarf Architects, and Wooden Barrier have received improvements in speed, deployment time, HP, and more.

Victory Reward for Guardian’s Trial “Hard” Mode Increased

Players can now earn 1500 gold coins instead of the earlier 1000 and 30 rare cards instead of the earlier 26 for successfully completing “Hard” mode in Guardian’s Trial.

Exciting “Gold Rush” In-Game Event

The Gold Rush event is an 8-day extravaganza that allows players to defeat enemy towers and gain extra gold coins in 1:1 battles. In battles, users can earn 200 gold coins for taking down each enemy tower and 600 gold coins for taking out all three enemy towers. During the event, players can compete for a chance to win 20,000 Gold coins. The Gold Rush event starts on April 3 and runs until April 10.

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