Revealed: Latest Details on Display Size of Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Google is set to release its highly anticipated Pixel 8 series smartphones later this year, which is expected to include Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models. Several leaks and reports have surfaced in recent weeks, revealing key specifications of the smartphones. In a recent tweet by display analyst Ross Young, the Pixel 8 is expected to feature a 6.16-inch display, while the Pixel 8 Pro will feature a 6.7-inch panel, both entering production in May. These new dimensions provide some insights into what users can expect from the next generation of Google’s flagship smartphones.

Pixel 8 Design Features

Leaked renders of the upcoming Pixel 8 feature a refined design over its predecessor, the Pixel 7. The Pixel 8 will reportedly feature rounded corners compared to the angled edges on the Pixel 7. The back panel’s horizontal camera module is expected to be identical to its predecessor but with dual rear cameras. Meanwhile, the Pixel 8 Pro is anticipated to have a telephoto camera, which would be part of the triple rear camera arrangement. Additionally, both the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro have a similar placement of other physical components, including the USB Type-C connector, speaker grille, volume, and power buttons.

Production and Release

According to previous reports, the Google Pixel 8 series will launch in the second half of this year, around the same time the new display panels are expected to launch. The handsets could be powered by a new Tensor G3 chipset. The Pixel 8 measures 150.5mm x 70.8mm x 8.9mm in size, with a depth of 12mm, including the camera module. The Pixel 8 Pro’s dimensions are slightly larger at 162.6mm x 76.5mm x 8.7mm, with a thickness of 12mm, including the camera module.

Camera Features

The Pixel 8 series is anticipated to have substantial camera improvements, with both featuring upgraded camera sensors. The Pixel 8 Pro’s sensors have been grouped tightly together, with an additional sensor situated below the LED flash. However, it remains unclear what this sensor is meant to achieve. The Pixel 8 reportedly has dual rear cameras, while the Pixel 8 Pro will feature three rear cameras with an additional sensor, which could help the smartphone capture high-quality images and videos.


The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro series have been the talk of the town lately, with multiple leaks and rumors circulating online, giving a sneak peek into what could be expected from the upcoming smartphone series. The latest leak, displaying the screen sizes of both models, has added a new twist to the stories. It is now a waiting game to see how these leaks pan out once Google officially announced the release of its Pixel 8 series later this year.


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