QuakeCon 2023 Goes Exclusive: General Admission No More

QuakeCon 2023 will be an in-person event, but with major changes that will require attendees to purchase tickets and pre-register. In a major change from how the event was held prior to the pandemic, Bethesda has announced that attendance will be limited to those who pre-register and purchase a ticket for the BYOC (bring your own computer) event. There will be no exhibit hall or free general admission this year. The event will take place from August 10-13 in Grapevine, Texas, and tickets will go on sale on April 21.

BYOC Focused Event

Bethesda confirmed in a blog post that the event’s focus this year will be on the fan-favorite BYOC, but there will be other activities for those who purchase QuakeCon 2023 tickets, including the QuakeCon Finals Party, the finale of the Quake World Championships, and the Tabletop Village. The company also promised “several vendors and experiences to support the BYOC,” although no additional details were given.

Three Ticket Options

There are three ticket options for QuakeCon 2023: standard, premium, and elite. The standard ticket will cost $75. The premium package, priced at $200, comes with VIP access to the BYOC area, VIP seating for the Quake World Championship Finals, and an exclusive swag bag. The elite package, which will set you back $400, includes the same VIP access and seating but also incorporates a VIP parking spot, an invitation to the VIP dinner, and a personal tour of the event with id Software studio head Marty Stratton.

Forced Pre-Registration and Paid Admission

This year, attendees will need to pre-register for the event before they can purchase their tickets. Tickets are also required to enter the event, and there won’t be any free general admission. The changes are possible due to COVID-19, which forced QuakeCon to be held online for the past three years.

QuakeCon 2023: Fans Are Excited

Bethesda’s decision was met with mixed reactions, with some fans excited to attend an in-person event after three years of online-only QuakeCon. Others were disappointed that the event’s format had changed, with no free general admission or exhibit hall. Regardless of the changes, QuakeCon remains one of the premier gaming events around, and plenty of fans are looking forward to attending the 2023 edition.

‘Our Favorite Event of the Year’

id Software studio head Marty Stratton stated that “QuakeCon is our favorite event of the year, and we can’t wait to finally see our incredible QuakeCon community in-person again, celebrate games, and frag all weekend with thousands of friends.” Bethesda confirmed that QuakeCon 2023 will feature a “full slate of programming” that will be streamed live on Twitch for those who are unable to attend the event in person. Expect a full program announcement soon.


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