PUBG’s April Fool’s Update: Big Chicken & Zombies Return!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has once again celebrated April Fool’s Day with a new game mode that features zombies and a giant chicken. This year’s mode is called Bizarre Battle Royale and is available in the game until April 10. This is the fourth consecutive year that PUBG has featured an April Fool’s Day mode for its players.

Bizarre Battle Royale Overview

In Bizarre Battle Royale, players can take down zombies to gain OP (overpowered) coins that can be used to purchase items such as a sensory booster that allows players to see enemies through walls. Additionally, there’s a massive chicken stomping around that can cluck out fire like a dragon. Taking down the creature can lead to more OP items as well. Those who drop into the Bizarre Battle Royale mode will earn a Bizarre Survivor Emblem, and players who parachute into the special timed event five times or more will receive a Hunter’s Chest/Key.

Previous PUBG April Fool’s Day Modes

Before Bizarre Battle Royale, three previous PUBG April Fool’s Day modes were available for players to enjoy. Last year, the game feature Fantasy Battle Royale, and in 2021 it was POBG. In 2022, the fourth year of the annual event, Monster Chicken Royale was released for players to enjoy.

PUBG’s Sixth Anniversary

Earlier this month, PUBG celebrated its sixth anniversary, which prompted the release of a slew of stats about the game. Since its release, over 150 million people have played the battle royale game. Looking ahead, PUBG’s future may include a new engine and mods, according to the game’s developers.


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