Pokemon Go Plus+ Preorders Available at Amazon and Best Buy – Catch ‘Em All with Ease!

Get ready to take your Pokemon Go experience to the next level with the upcoming release of the Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory. Available for pre-order now at Amazon and Best Buy for $55, this compact accessory is set to release on July 14 and promises to offer Pokefans even more fun with the game. This sleek gadget is more than just an accessory though, it serves as a gateway between the Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sleep apps, offering players even more ways to interact with their favorite pocket monsters while surrounded by slumber.

Meet the Pokemon Go Plus+

The Pokemon Go Plus+ is a modest but powerful accessory. It allows you to use the Pokemon Go app to spin PokeStops and catch Pokemon, including Great Balls and Ultra Balls. It does all of this automatically, meaning you don’t even need to pull your smartphone out of your pocket. And when you connect this accessory with the Pokemon Sleep app, you can unlock even more features that help you complete the sleep Pokedex and earn rewards.

Introducing Pokemon Sleep

New to the world of Pokemon is the upcoming release of Pokemon Sleep, a mobile game that focuses on your slumber. Pokemon Sleep is all about analyzing and measuring your sleeping habits, awarding you with special “sleep styles” and even more Pokemon to collect as you progress through the game. The Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory adds a new level of engagement, allowing you to collect Pokemon even while sound asleep. Plus, Pikachu will even sing you to sleep and wake you up in the morning to start your day off right.

Unlocking Pokemon While You Sleep

As your sleep habits become more consistent and fulfilled, Pikachu will even grow friendlier, offering even more songs as you drift off to sleep. The accessory allows players to increase their chances of catching more Pokemon by allowing the app to continue to run in the background while they sleep. So not only will you wake up to a happy Pikachu singing, but you’ll also have new Pokemon waiting to be caught.

The Pokemon Go Plus+ and Special Research

One of the most exciting aspects of the Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory is how it integrates with the Pokemon Go app to offer exciting new challenges. By completing special research, you can earn the chance to capture a Snorlax wearing a nightcap. This Pokemon Go Plus+ feature brings a new level of excitement to the game and offers new and returning players an incentive to get back into the fun.

The Future of Pokemon Tech

Pokemon Go Plus+ and Pokemon Sleep represent the future of Pokemon gaming and tech. They show the evolution of the game and offer even greater engagement for players, whether they’re out and about or curled up in bed. Be sure to pre-order your Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory now to ensure you don’t miss out on this exciting and innovative gadget.


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