Pokémon Go: Players List Accounts on eBay to Protest Controversial Remote Raid Changes

In recent news, Pokémon Go players are taking their frustration online by selling their game accounts on eBay. This move comes after a controversial update was rolled out by the game developers, Niantic, which has left many players unhappy. The update, which includes changes to the pricing of Remote Raid Passes, has resulted in players boycotting the game and seeking alternative means to express their discontent.

The Controversial Update

The upcoming update to Pokémon Go includes several changes. Among them is a rise in the price of the Remote Raid Pass, which enables players to participate remotely in raid battles. The three-pack of Raid Passes will now cost 525 PokéCoins, and the single Raid Pass will cost 195 PokéCoins. Additionally, a Premium Battle Pass three-pack will be added to the shop for the price of 250 PokéCoins.

Another change being introduced in the update is a limit of five Remote Raids per day. Players will only be able to take part in five raids, and only in certain events. This new limit has drawn sharp criticism from the Pokémon Go community, who feel that it hampers the overall enjoyment of the game.

Boycott and Sale of Game Accounts

In response to the update, players have been selling their game accounts on eBay as part of their protest. These accounts are being listed at various prices, with some reaching prices over $500. This move is seen as a means for players to show their dissatisfaction with the recent pricing changes in Pokémon Go.

The Pokémon Go player community has also written an open letter to the game developers expressing their concerns. The community is “sad, distraught, and discouraged” about the update and is looking forward to a discussion. The #HearUsNiantic tag is being used by players worldwide to share the letter and convey their message to the development team.

This is not the first time that the Pokémon Go community has expressed their dissatisfaction with Niantic’s monetization policy. The impending price rise on Remote Raid Passes is seen as a poor marketing strategy that has resulted in retaliation from the players in the community.

No Response from Niantic Yet

Despite efforts made by the community to convey their concerns to the developers, Niantic has remained silent. It remains to be seen how things will turn out and whether the recent backlash and boycott will result in any changes in the game’s pricing policy.


The Pokémon Go community is taking a stand against the new pricing policy by selling their game accounts on eBay. This move is seen as a protest against Niantic’s decision to raise the prices of Remote Raid Passes and limit the number of Remote Raids per day. The community hopes that their efforts will result in a discussion with the game developers and eventually lead to changes in the game’s policy.


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