Pokemon Go Monthly Revenue Hits Five-Year Low, Is the Hype Over?

The mobile game sensation Pokemon Go saw a significant drop in revenue last month, generating $34.7 million, according to a report by Mobilegamer.biz and Appmagic. This is its lowest total since February 2018, and a slide from the $58 million it made in February of this year. Despite the decline, the game continues to be a significant player in the mobile gaming market.

The Top Grossing Games in April

The top-grossing games for April were performing at much higher levels than Pokemon Go. At the top was Honor of Kings, which made $102.9 million, followed closely by Genshin Impact with $87.8 million and Candy Crush Saga with $84.3 million. PUBG Mobile and Roblox rounded out the top five, with $77.8 million and $64.9 million, respectively.

Changes to Pokemon Go Gameplay

Last month, developer Niantic raised the prices of Pokemon Go Remote Raid Passes, as well as implementing a daily limit for them. Players can participate in only five each day, and the price of each pass has gone up, making it more expensive for players who want to engage in remote raids.

“Since their introduction in 2020, Remote Raid Passes have come to dominate the experience of playing Pokemon Go in a way we never intended,” Niantic stated at the time. The changes were made to ensure a more balanced and fair gameplay experience for all players.

Pokemon Go Fest 2023

Despite the dip in revenue, excitement is building for Pokemon Go Fest 2023, which will take place in London and Osaka, Japan from August 4-6, as well as New York City from August 18-20. This year’s festival promises to be an immersive and exciting experience for players, with new features and gameplay added to keep players engaged and entertained throughout the event.


Although Pokemon Go has faced a dip in revenue, it remains one of the most popular and enduring mobile games on the market. With new events and features added regularly, players can expect to continue playing and enjoying the game for years to come.


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