Pokemon Dev Game Freak Unveils Project Bloom – A Thrilling Action-Adventure Game

Private Division, the publishing label of GTA parent company Take-Two, has announced a partnership with Pokemon developer Game Freak for a “brand-new action-adventure IP” named Project Bloom. The first piece of concept art released is visually stunning and showcases a person staring into the woods, seemingly wielding a sword. Kota Furushima, director at Game Freak, has stated that Project Bloom will be “bold and tonally different” from the company’s previous titles, with Private Division being the publisher that Game Freak wanted to work with from the beginning.

Details on Project Bloom

Private Division and Game Freak’s Project Bloom is still in its early development stage, without a confirmed release date as of yet, although it is “expected” to release in Take-Two’s 2026 fiscal year. It is uncertain what platforms the game will be available on, and with the project being under a current codename, information on the gameplay and story are yet to be revealed.

Game Freak’s Past Work

Game Freak is renowned for its work with The Pokemon Company and Nintendo, creating iconic games within the Pokemon series. Its most recent release was Pokemon Scarlet/Violet in 2022. Still, its internal division called Gear Project focuses on original games such as Giga Wrecker, Pocket Card Jockey, and Tembo the Badass Elephant.

The History of Private Division

Founded in 2015, Private Division has made a name for itself within the gaming industry. Their most successful game, The Outer Worlds, created by Obsidian, was praised for its world-building, story, and characters, while their other titles such as Disintegration, created by the co-creator of Halo, were not as successful. Private Division’s next projects include a Lord of the Rings game from Weta and a horror survival game from Bloober Team.


While information on Project Bloom remains scarce, gaming enthusiasts eagerly anticipate more news and information about this brand-new action-adventure game created by the talented teams at Private Division and Game Freak.


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