PlayStation Boss Teases Exciting New Live-Service Projects!

PlayStation Studios head, Hermen Hulst, has talked about PlayStation’s ambitious plans to develop more live-service games in the future. The company is aiming to create 10 live-service games by 2026, and Hulst emphasized that “delivering the highest quality games” is their priority. He also said that there is not one definition for “live service” and that Sony’s live-service games will vary in genre, release schedules, target markets, and scale. Sony is also looking to grow its collection of single-player games even as it expands its focus on live-service games.

PlayStation Continues to Invest in the Live-Service Space

Sony Wants to Deliver “Different Worlds and Stories” to Fans

Through its ambitious plans, Sony is hoping to innovate the Live-service space with different types of games that will appeal to an even broader audience. ‘Delivering different worlds and stories that PlayStation fans love’ are on the top of the agenda alongside incredibly high-quality and immersive games.

Sony has recently acquired a new development studio named Firewalk, which is creating an unannounced live-service game. Firewalk’s team is headed by former Bungie bosses, bringing with them significant expertise and experience in this area. Sony also owns Haven Studios, made up of Assassins Creed veteran Jade Raymond and her team. Not only is Microsoft investing heavily, with Halo Infinite’s many updates and patches along with other games like Forza Horizon, but most major gaming companies now have their Live-service offerings. So, it is only natural for PlayStation, being one of the gaming industry leaders, to expand its presence in the live-service space.

PlayStation Wants to Find Different Ways to Serve its Players

While many companies in the gaming industry are emphasizing their Live-service offerings, Hulst has made a point of saying that PlayStation’s problem-solving strategy is not to follow their competitors, but to find a unique way to serve its players. Unique content that players will love is the aim, Hulst said.

Adding value and longevity to game titles is always a good thing for both gamers and developers. By continuously updating and improving their games, developers can keep the community of players active in the game, and it creates new opportunities for monetization of a specific title. However, some gamers are wary of the Live-service model, and it is up to companies like Sony to provide their player-based with as much information as possible to put their minds at ease.

PS5 Sales Continue to Thrive

Aside from their strategy for live-service games, Sony’s next-generation console, PlayStation 5, is also proving to be a success with record-breaking sales figures. The availability of the system has been expanded globally since its launch, ensuring it continues to sell well, despite its occasionally high cost.

Investing in Different Types of Games Is the Key to PlayStation’s Future Success

While many are still speculating about the direction of the gaming industry, it is clear that live-service games are not going anywhere anytime soon. By investing in the Live-service space, Sony is taking a step in the right direction to ensure that they remain a key player in the gaming industry in the years to come. Hulst expressed optimism that the unique content Sony creates will continue to bring in more players, making their Live-service games more popular among their fans.

As times change, players’ preferences for different types of games change too. No doubt, Live-service games will continue to evolve in the future but, for now, it looks like they will be a significant focus for many of the top games and studios in the industry.

Overall, PlayStation’s expanding portfolio of live-service games has the potential to not only keep players engaged but also contribute to the wider gaming industry. Sony’s commitment to quality and original content is another factor that will ensure its continued success in the gaming world.


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