Persona 5 Spin-Off Lacks Popular Character without Explanation

A new spin-off of the Persona series has been announced, exclusively designed for the Chinese smartphone market. Titled as Persona 5: The Phantom X, the game features both new and returning characters with a new cast of misfits. However, one of the characters, Sojiro Sakura, is missing from the game.

Sojiro Sakura Missing from The Phantom X

In a screenshot posted on the Persona subreddit, it was found that the coffee shop, Cafe Leblanc, which is a significant location in Persona 5, is run by an unidentified woman and not by Sojiro. This unexpected choice made by the developers has left fans in a tizzy.

Alternate Timeline or a Story Tactic?

Although Sojiro does mention in Persona 5 that he might sell the cafe and try something new, the absence of his character still raises questions amongst the fans. Some speculate that this might be a hint towards the spin-off taking place in an alternate timeline, something that has been used earlier in the Persona series.

Available Only in Beta and Chinese Language

As of now, The Phantom X is only available in beta mode and in the Chinese language. So, there is still a chance for the developers to make changes to the game, including the absence of Sojiro Sakura. It is worth noting the possibility of the character being included by the time of the game’s final release.

Returning Characters and New Misfits

The Phantom X brings back the beloved Phantom Thieves along with a cast of new misfits. The game is expected to retain familiar environments and themes from Persona 5 but with new stories and gameplay elements.

New Tales and Adventures in The Phantom X

The Phantom X gives players a chance to explore the new stories and adventures of Persona 5 characters in a different setting. The game offers exciting new gameplay elements, quests, dungeons, and challenges to overcome.

Final Verdict

Persona 5: The Phantom X is an interesting addition to the Persona series, designed exclusively for the Chinese smartphone market. While the absence of Sojiro might be an odd choice, it still remains to be seen how it will affect the gameplay and story of the game. Fans can look forward to taking their favorite characters on new and thrilling adventures with exciting new gameplay elements in The Phantom X.


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