One-Shot Snipers Make a Comeback in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 for Season 3

Activision has released a blog post detailing some of the big changes that players can expect from Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 starting April 12.

Sniper Rifle Buff

One of the much-anticipated changes in Season 3 is the confirmed sniper rifle buff. Snipers have been underpowered in Warzone 2, but the blog post confirms the return of one-shot sniper rifles. However, these snipers will only one-shot under “certain attachment and platform conditions.”

Plunder Mode

Another exciting change is the arrival of Plunder mode from Warzone 1 in Warzone 2’s Season 3. The respawn mode will feature several new public events, and the Blood Money event will make a comeback. However, players can expect new public events such as Heat, which pays out five times more than the usual reward, and Money Siphon, where ATMs around the map pour out an endless cash supply.

Plunder mode will introduce unique items only found in Buy Stations, including the Credit Card, Life Insurance, and Angel Investor. Completing Plunder mode challenges will earn players nine unique rewards, including cosmetic items.

Resurgence Mode

Al Mazrah will also feature a Resurgence mode with a player count of up to 150 players, and redeploy drones from Ashika Island will arrive in Al Mazrah. Unfortunately, these drones won’t be available until April 13, one day after the launch of Season 3.

Lootable Perk Packages

The mid-season update, Season 3 Reloaded, will add lootable perk packages in Warzone 2, known as Modern Warfare 2’s default perk packages. Scavenging supply boxes or visiting Buy Stations can get players the said packages.

For more details on Season 3, players can check out more information provided in Modern Warfare 2’s big update, including additional maps, modes, and a third raid episode.


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