Nokia’s Pure UI Won’t Appear on Nokia Phones

Nokia recently unveiled its latest offering for its B2B and enterprise products, the Pure UI. Although the new user interface won’t be available on Nokia smartphones manufactured by HMD Global, it will be used on all software UIs developed or planned to be created by Nokia in the future. The brand claims that the Pure UI is intended to be future-proof, versatile, and consistent in appearance, with an emphasis on clean, minimalist design. Here’s what you need to know about Nokia’s newest UI:

The Pure UI Design Language

The Nokia Pure UI has a new design language that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use. The UI includes several elements, including layouts and recommendations, that define its overall appearance. The Pure typeface, which is used throughout the UI, is a vital component of the new UI style. Nokia Pure UI also features new icons based on different strokes, which can be adjusted according to the display specifications and functionality of each device.

Smooth Animations and Dark Mode

The Pure UI uses smooth animations to draw the user’s attention to specific elements on the screen. The UI also supports a dark mode, in which components and symbols adapt their styles accordingly.

Basic Features for Consistent-Looking Screens

Nokia has integrated basic features into the Pure UI that developers can use to create consistent-looking screens quickly. The UI is intended to be scalable from small wrist-worn screens to large wall-mounted display panels.

Robust Elements for Web-Based Dashboards

Nokia Pure UI is touted to offer robust elements that can be used to develop complex web-based dashboards. The interface is designed to be easily scalable for a wide range of devices, from smartphones with rollable displays or liquid cooling, to compact AR glasses and handsets that can be repaired by their owners easily.


Overall, Nokia’s newest offering, the Pure UI, is meant to be future-proof, consistent, and versatile in appearance. While it won’t be available on Nokia smartphones manufactured by HMD Global, it will be used on all software UIs developed or planned to be created in the future by Nokia. It will be interesting to see how the Nokia Pure UI design language evolves and adapts to future technologies, and how developers use the robust elements to design innovative and consistent-looking screens.


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