Nintendo Makes Buying Switch Gift Cards Easier Than Ever Before

Are you a digital game enthusiast who values convenience but also loves a good deal? Look no further than Nintendo’s gift cards. While digital storefronts on consoles may not always offer the best deals, purchasing gift cards can help you save money without sacrificing that much-needed convenience.

Gift Card Benefits

Typically, digital game enthusiasts wait for gift cards to go on sale to save money. Stores like Costco recently had Xbox Live, PSN, and Switch eShop gift cards all 20% off which provides significant savings. However, these gift cards need to be scratched in order to reveal the code that you’ll use to redeem the gift card’s value. But what happens if you don’t have a coin on hand? You can forget about using scissors or your fingernail to scratch the code off the card; doing so may render it unreadable.

Nintendo’s Technological Advancement

But wait, Nintendo has made a technological advancement that surpasses that of Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo Switch gift cards no longer require scratching the code. Instead, customers can peel off the coating to reveal the code. It’s a small, but significant improvement in the world of gift cards. A significant discovery for any digital gaming enthusiast, these peel-off codes provide a better experience.

Cool Down Period for Redemption

Unfortunately, even the most significant advancements don’t come without their downsides. Nintendo inexplicably appears to have a cooldown timer of sorts that prevents you from redeeming too many codes in a short span. Whether this is a problem other console companies have, or it is exclusive to Nintendo, it is unclear. However, after experiencing the convenience of peel-off codes, I didn’t mind the cooldown period.

Possible Causes of Peel-Off Code Differences

When exploring the differences between Nintendo’s peel-off codes and Microsoft and Sony’s scratch-off codes, it becomes clear that the manufacturer may play a significant role. Nintendo partners with InComm Payments, while Microsoft and Sony both use e2interactive’s Fastcard. This partnership may be the reason peel-off codes are available for Nintendo gifts card, but not for Xbox or PSN cards.


The digital game market is a challenging world to navigate, and, as a digital game enthusiast, the preference for convenience can come at a higher cost. Thanks to Nintendo’s partnership with InComm Payments, digital gaming enthusiasts looking for a better experience have access to make their gaming experience even more seamless with peel-off codes. It’s an innovation that Microsoft and Sony should take note of as they try and keep up with Nintendo’s superior technological advancements.


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