Nexon accuses Dark And Darker Developer of Copyright Infringement

Ironmace, the developer behind the controversial online shooter Dark And Darker, is now facing a lawsuit from Korean gaming giant Nexon in the Western District of Washington due to alleged copyright infringement. This comes after the game was removed from the popular Steam platform due to a DMCA claim from Nexon.


The dispute between Ironmace and Nexon appears to stem from the fact that Ironmace is made up in part by former Nexon employees who left to create their own studio. The employees in question signed non-compete clauses for a year that would prevent them from working in a similar field to potentially infringe on the company’s trade secrets. The lawsuit claims that Ironmace has used “materials and assets” from a project the employees worked on while at Nexon called P3 to create Dark And Darker. Comparisons have been made between the two games, citing similarities such as a potion worn on the character’s hip.

Police Raid:

Ironmace has reportedly been subject to a police raid in the midst of the ongoing clash, adding to the controversy surrounding the game. The raid, however, has not been confirmed by either Ironmace or Nexon. Fans were even told to torrent the game client in order to participate in its fifth playtest in April, leading to concerns about the game’s legal status.

Nexon’s Complaint:

Nexon has accused Ironmace of infringing on its copyright and threatening the video game industry as a whole. It has called on Ironmace to cease development on Dark And Darker and compensate for the damages sustained by Nexon. The lawsuit claims that if employees are allowed to transfer their employer’s project files onto personal servers to create a new company, it would negatively affect the industry as a whole.

Remake in Fortnite:

Despite the controversy surrounding Dark And Darker, one fan has taken it upon themselves to create a remake of the game in the popular battle royale title Fortnite. However, there are no guarantees that this remake will not also face legal action from Nexon or Ironmace.


The ongoing dispute between Nexon and Ironmace over Dark And Darker highlights the difficulties that can arise when former employees start their own ventures in the same industry. It also raises questions about the legal and ethical responsibilities of developers when it comes to protecting the intellectual property of previous employers. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, it is clear that the controversy surrounding Dark And Darker may have long-lasting consequences for both companies and the industry as a whole.


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