New Xbox Home UI Gets Out Of Your Way

Microsoft has introduced a new home user interface (UI) for Xbox users. Those using the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings of Xbox Insiders can try out the new UI on their home consoles. The updated UI comes with a new quick access menu that enables easier navigation to the games library, store, Game Pass, search, and settings all located at the top of the home screen. The new layout also offers more space to show off the background and features new artwork connected to each game, visible when hovering over the tile. A new button on the second row now opens up “My Games & Apps.”

Alpha Testing Of New Xbox Home UI

According to Xbox Wire, Microsoft’s new UI is based on feedback from previous iterations. Alpha Testers suggested that the top of the screen felt crowded, and there wasn’t enough space to appreciate the background art. After the QA team worked on new prototypes, a new design was implemented. More users will have access to the UI in time, with the full version being released across all consoles eventually.

More Features To Be Added To Xbox’s Home UI

The New Xbox Home UI is yet to be completed, and more features are still being added. Some testers are now getting notifications inside relevant tiles that tell them when a game is up for an update or when a wishlisted game is on sale. Microsoft has said that these features may soon join the new UI.

New Xbox Home UI Based on Feedback From Previous Versions

Microsoft has previously stated that it listens carefully to feedback received from its users, continuously improving the design, and providing better user experiences. The new UI is one direct result of effective communication with users, allowing Microsoft to cater to the specific requirements of those playing games on their consoles. 

What To Expect From The New Xbox Home UI

One feature expected to earn Xbox a lot of points is the easier navigation to critical areas of the home screen. With the new quick access menu, users can navigate to the games library, store, Game Pass, search, and settings with relative ease. The quick access menu also adds to the layout’s simplicity, providing more space to the background art, enhancing the user’s experience. The embedded artwork connected to each tile on the home screen adds that extra touch of detail that makes the interface feel much cooler.

The Artwork In The New Xbox Home UI

The new artwork in the UI is more responsive, with users enjoying different artwork(s) being displayed on the screen depending on what game you hover over. This added feature also adds an aesthetically pleasing touch on the interface’s overall presentation.

What is Alpha Testing?

  1. Alpha Testing is the stage of software testing that involves internal testing within the organization. Here, developers test the software for bugs and errors before releasing it to the public.
  2. Alpha Testing also assesses whether a new design meets user expectations and whether it requires any extra features. Microsoft relies heavily on feedback received during Alpha Testing to improve its software.


The new Xbox Home UI is an update that will enhance the gaming experience of Xbox owners. With simpler and quicker navigation to critical areas of the UI, the inclusion of artwork connected to each tile, and more space for showing off the background, the new UI is designed to make gaming easier, more pleasant and attract users who are looking for better user experiences. More and more users have been introduced to the new UI through Microsoft’s Alpha Testing program, which has enabled the organization to take feedback and incorporate a broader range of features before releasing the fully improved version of the Xbox Home UI to all users.


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