New UNO! Mobile All-Skips Mode for April Fools

UNO Mobile has added a new game mode in celebration of April Fools Day. Mattel163, one of the biggest names in video game publishing and creation, has brought a unique twist to the classic card game by creating a new game mode for UNO Mobile. The game mode, called “Oops! All skips!,” tasks each player’s deck with nothing but Skip Cards, creating a fast-paced and frantic experience. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new game mode.

How to Access the New Game Mode

To access the new “Oops! All skips!” game mode, interested players should head to the Wild Weekend section of the UNO! Mobile app’s main lobby. This limited edition game mode will only be available for 48 hours, beginning on April 1.

Once players access the new game mode, they will receive the “Oops! All skips!” phrase reward. This new game mode is sure to test your wits and strategy, as each player’s deck will only have Skip Cards to rely on.

The Gameplay in “Oops! All skips!”

The new game mode is sure to be a thrilling experience for any UNO Mobile player. With every player’s deck consisting solely of Skip Cards, the stakes are high, inspiring contestants to shout “UNO” and attempt to empty their hands in the first round. The All-Skip option is impossible to skip, heightening the tension and making every round a race to the finish.

Players who do not wish to participate in the new game mode will still be tricked into an “All-Skips” match, so every player can experience the excitement of this limited-edition game mode.

Words from the CEO

According to Amy Huang, the CEO of Mattel163, “We always want to bring wildly unpredictable fun to UNO Mobile in Wild mode. So this April Fools Day, we wanted to fill players’ hands with one of the most popular action cards in UNO! Mobile – Skip! Who said there can’t be too much of a good thing? In Wild Weekend, we keep bringing new rules and special cards.” With this new game mode, Mattel163 hopes to bring new life to the much-loved UNO game format.

Join the Fun Today

If you’re excited about this new game mode, be sure to participate in “Oops! All skips!” on April 1. The game mode will only be available for 48 hours, so don’t miss out on the exciting and unpredictable gameplay.

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